Traits You Must Possess To Become A Rocketeer!

Never Say Die Attitude

Is “I will not be able to do this” your favorite phrase? Then, we are definitely not looking for you.

Amazing Team Player

A true Rocketeer must be cheerfully contagious and must get along well with all colleagues.

Candid Conmmunication

By candid communicator, we don’t mean throwing heavy words, but explaining a simple idea easily.

In Love With Deadlines

A true Rocketeer shares an amazing relationship with deadlines, no excuse involved.

Creative Guru

If you can come with the most creative solution to problem, then you will be hired, instantly!

Blend Experiment & Speed

We love learning lesson the hard way. That’s why, we don’t hesitate to experiment and fail.

All Set To Take Challenges

If you are willing to learn and take up challenges like no one else, then we are looking for you.


Our managers hate sitting on employee’s head to get things done. Everyone is their own boss.

Pro Multi Tasker

Think more, adapt quickly and do whatever it takes to get things done, inspite of what your JD says.

Current Openings

Sales Executive

Minimum experience of 1-2 years from similar industry

Customer Support Executives

Minimum experience of 1-2 years from similar industry

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