What is Hyperlocal Marketing and How to Implement it in Your Business?

The emergence of multiple channels of communication has been compelling brands to perennially work on their marketing. That time has long gone when the only method of marketing consisted use of banners or publishing small print advertisements to gain the attention of the audience. Today, we are talking about location-specific marketing approaches, through which customers get the desired products and services at an arm’s length.

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Tips To Promote Your eCommerce Website

In earlier times, when the concept of eCommerce wasn’t introduced to the world, selling products typically included managing a physical shop and having a local customer base. But with the advent of eCommerce, one needs to have an online store that requires promotions across the internet. Developing an eCommerce website can be one of your most profitable moves, but if you can’t market it effectively, then you might be in trouble. You would require smart marketing strategies for customers across the world to find your virtual store and shop from it.

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Omnichannel vs Multichannel. Which One To Choose For Your Business?

If you’re a social seller and have been a part of the eCommerce industry for a while, you must have come across the terms – multichannel and omnichannel. With various technologies coming into play in today’s retail landscape, it’s extremely crucial for business owners to get acquainted with the difference between the two terms. People often confuse omnichannel with multichannel and vice versa, however, these are two very different and distinct retail approaches even though both use multiple channels to reach consumers.

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Stop-Look-Go : Your Guide To Avoid Losses Due To Payment Gateway Glitches

When it comes to Payment Gateways, did you know that many sellers lose out on payments because of this one simple mistake? Payment gateways are also subject to technical errors which sometimes hinder payment completion.

Shipping products before receiving payment confirmation can cost you money! To avoid facing losses, it’s advisable to only ship products once you have received the payment confirmation for your order.

Stay aware and prosper!

How to Process Online Orders Infographic

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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Freelance Talent

There’s no question how profitable running an online store can be.  With ecommerce being responsible for more than $2 trillion worth of sales in 2017, can you really blame veteran and aspiring business owners if they want to jump on the bandwagon?

Though having your own online store may seem easy, the truth is it’s not as easy as it looks.  There’s more to it than just selling products online. Someone needs to take care of product research, marketing, and website design just to name a few.

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