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10 methods for making your blog appear visually attractive & interesting

Are you currently running a blog? Is it getting hard for you to gain added response or traffic which you think you deserve? If yes, then you need to spot the loopholes in your blog which are making it incapable to pull the attention of your readers. When it comes to blogging, generally most of the bloggers think that the prime way to grasp the attention of their targeted audience is through the creation of nice posts.

Although, developing quality content is necessary to pull in visitors to your blog, however, it is always not enough. There are some crucial things that you must look after in order to make your blog a successful one and attain the desired response out of your blog.

Keep it Topic Specific

The first and most crucial thing that is needed to make your blog appealing is to choose a unique topic for it. In few cases, it is observed that the blogger increases the niche of the blog just because he/she holds a lot of knowledge about different things and wishes to embed all in one. However, a blog that is not focused cannot bind the readers for long.

There may be some who are attracted to read everything you post but the majority of the readers chase blogs which are precise and focused because they only wish to read about certain particular topics in which they are interested. Therefore, you need to make sure that your blog is centered on a single topic, or else it would fade away in the crowd and all your hard work would be ruined.

Eye-Catching Title

  • There may be hundreds or thousands of blogs available on the same topic similar to your blog and might be already written and published. So, what should you aim now? Should you drop it and think to develop a blog on another topic? The answer to this is No!
  • The only possible and effective way to give your blog an edge over the already existing blogs in the same forte is by forming eye-catching titles of your posts. Therefore, do not miss a chance to utilize all your creative and vocabulary skills in framing eye-catching title.

Write Down What You Feel

In order to make your blog appealing, you will need to write something with an exceptional perspective that someone else has not figured out yet. Readers, nowadays, are attracted to read content which is out-of-the-box or something they might have already read but desire to know the other side of it. Therefore, remember not to imitate someone else’s words and write down what you feel about the topic.

Usage of “Read More” Tag in Lengthy Posts

If you have framed a page or two-page long post, it is required to use “Read More” tag in it. If not, it will cover the other published posts by pushing them to the previous pages of your blog and the viewer may not be able to check out other published posts. Therefore, it is necessary to use “Read More” tag in almost all of your long posts, so that, the reader can check out all recent posts published by you on your blog without any hassle.

Prefer Attractive Images

One of the perfect ways to make your blog visually appealing is by adding striking images in your blog posts. Images help a lot to tempt your content and illustrate specific points in the best way. Also, it works to break the long blocks of texts, making your blog post simplified to read. Also, there is one thing that you need to take care that the images you are adding in your post must be properly aligned. Non-aligned pictures would make your post appear bad.

Color Combination of Background and Text

Another aspect which can help you develop your blog visually attractively is the correct color combination of text and background. For example, a light text on a bold background will make it difficult for the reader’s eye and there are chances that he/she will leave the blog without giving must attention. Therefore, keep a note that you have chosen a light background for your blog and the text can be read easily.

Keep Posting-Frequency Constant

It is important to allow your readers know how frequent you want them to see your blog to check out new post you have published. However, do not post irregularly as it would make it difficult for your readers to visit your blog again and again for spotting new posts. It is sensible to set a particular posting frequency, for example posting daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

Usage of Appropriate Text Font

Apart from text color, there is one more thing which must be appropriate for developing your blog in an attractive form. Text font should not be funky but chose a particular style which helps the reader to easily go through the whole text. Also, make sure the text size should not be too small.

Integrate Call-to-Action

One must integrate call-to-action on your blog in order to create a strong readership. Readers may be prepared to link with you on social media platforms or wish to gain updates about your blog through email subscription. Therefore, it is important to put call-of-action in your blog so that the concerned readers can simply get connected to your blog.

Allow Comments & Author Bio

  • It is common that usually most of the readers want to share their suggestion related to the post they have read with the help of comments. So, if you have halted the comments on your blog, it might surely turn off the readers. Moreover, there is one more thing which needs to be focused, do not ask readers for registering and signing up to your blog for posting a comment. In usual cases, it is also counted as a turn-off. Therefore, offer a commenting option and make it easier for your audience to give their feedback via comments.
  • Most of the readers are keen to know who is interacting with them. Therefore, it is suggested to add an author bio in the post. Make sure, the author bio has the picture of the author along with a brief overview about him/her. Moreover, add some links to get connected with the author on social media platforms. All these points are helpful in developing a more natural relation among the author and readers.

Final Say

Use these 10 tips above and you can be assured that your blog gets the audience it deserves.

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