10 Persuasive Words to Use in Crucial Conversations!


In business, you must know how to influence and convince your customers, your opposition and other business related people. You must be able to convince people that why they must buy or work with you. Using persuasive language is very important in business as words play a huge role in helping customer which products to buy. There are a lot of other factors that influence business but one thing has been established time and time again that words sell better. Here are the 10 persuasive words to use in crucial conversations:



If you consider “free” is crooked and overused word to use, think again. People in business love free, plain and simple. You can give practically no matter what for free, no matter how small, and you’ll grab people’s attention and consideration. Using this word in professional conversations tells your audience that they will be spending money; there is something that they will acquire at no cost.


Everyone want to be in the “trendy” crowd. When you make your product exclusive for your customer, that means it is only available to a selected group, you make people want it even more. You can use the word exclusive in your business with other words or phrases –invitation only, members only, first, insider — everyone will still want in.


Life is intricate and we also might be just a splash on the lazy side. So, anytime the customer hear that something is easy and simple to do, he or she is drawn to it. There have been surveys where customers were questioned what were their top buying factors to buy a product, and “easy-to-use” was in the top three.


Limited is a very distinct word when used in business. It means that something is obscure, small quantity, or is not projected to last. This approximately draws attention to the product, service, or brand. In business discussions, using the terminology for a product being limited to one exclusive business only is likely to start an indenture bidding war. This can also help your company attain large sales numbers and augmented client opportunities.


Using the word fact in a business conversations can help you get what that you desire. Saying something is a fact freezes that what is being said is honest. Consumers, and entrepreneurs alike, favor information. Facts and statistics are common deciding factors in regards to creating business relationships and producing sales.


The word “because” produces context that answers the “why” in a business discussions.  A study showed that 93% of participants replied certainly to context including the word “because”. You are providing a reason, which takes out part of the predicting of your audience.


Guarantees a word that surely sell items. When consumers notice that something that comes with a guarantee for durability, performance, or overall use, they are more likely to pay attention to information about it. The word guaranteed can get your business more sales as it comes transversely as a limited risk.


When you are writing something related to a sales copy, or anything intended to encourage a customer, you must use first-person language. It makes the ears perk up a bit. And it also makes them feel special. Using “you” makes your language and writing conversational, and it brings your voice down to an approachable level where you can in point of fact make a connection.


Every consumer and every organization likes to hear the word “save”. Weather it is about saving time or saving money both are important. Spending less money on your merchandise or service with the same features or performance as the competition helps customers make conversant decisions. It can also help you produce more business relations as company proprietors learn that your product or service can reduce spending in total.


With social media and as many review website and blogs as there are nowadays, essentially everyone makes comparisons before making a pronouncement. So, compare is also a very important terminology to keep in mind.


Now is a word that generates action. It tells people that they prerequisite to make a decision now, rather than in future. A missed prospect comes from waiting too long to make a verdict. The word now is a powerful word that nearly promptly gets you what you need. When society is instructed to take action, most will at least make the exertion to look into what you have to offer.

These above keywords must be used more than once if you really want to bobbin into your audience. But make sure not stuff your presentation full of these persuasive words.

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