10 Supremely Efficient & Useful Blogging Tools

Blogging is one of the efficient ways to advance your business online. Blogs offer you the opportunity to highlight your brand as an authority, post consistent content and attain more traffic to your website. However, just like paid advertising, social media marketing, and other online marketing strategies, there are numerous different steps and actions involved with blogging.

It is important to note that developing, organizing, posting and promoting content can consume a lot of time. Although, there are some marvelous blogging tools that help make the whole procedure easier for marketers who wish to utilize blogging into their content marketing strategy.

Here is a list of the best blogging tools which you should be using to attract your target audience:


The initial step in your blogging process is to develop a place for all of your content to appear live. WordPress is the most famous Content Management System (CMS) available and suits perfectly for blogging. This platform powers over 74 million websites and is popular among numerous businesses. Some of the prime benefits of WordPress for blogging are:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Easy content editor
  • A broader selection of themes/templates to develop a professional looking blog
  • Several types of free and premium plug-ins that allow you to add interesting features to your blog without requiring to know how to develop or code
  • A built-in blogging option
  • Painless addition with several other tools you may use
  • A very helpful support forum and community
  • You can possess multiple users with different permission levels so that your entire team can supply

If you already have an existing site which was built somewhere else, you can simply add it to WordPress.

Google Keyword Planner & Long Tail Pro

Once you already possess WordPress, you’d probably want to just jump right in and work on creating blog posts. But before that, you need to carry out keyword research. Definitely one of the most important steps for blogging is indeed keyword research. It basically deals with finding the different phrases and terms that your target viewers will use to find the precise content you’re publishing.

Several businesses resort to just estimating what keywords they think people use. But with the assistance of these two tools, you can acquire a more in-depth view at the exact phrases used by the people.

The Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro permit you to access seed keywords and get a list of recommended search expressions along with their search volume. The main difference between these two two tools is that Long Tail Pro offers you more information and also provides extra filtering options.


Now, you have kept your chosen keywords. The next step is to come up with some unique blog topics and titles which are focused around those keywords. There are different ways to come up with blog topics. However, one of the most effective methods is to search existing blog posts with your keywords already placed in them. It’s advantageous to pick blogs which have seen success with social platform shares. That is where the use of BuzzSumo comes in.

BuzzSumo permits you to find blog posts which enjoy maximum shares on social media. You only have to search for your main keyword and would be offered a list of the latest and widely shared blog posts connected to your search. You can even find content your competitors are sharing to check what’s working best for them. Through this, you can create improved versions of their most winning content to pull in more views.

Yoast SEO Plug-in

One of the most famous ways to pull traffic for your blog posts is via search engine optimization (SEO). Organic search traffic generates from people who use Bing, Google or other search engines for searching specific phrases. Once they attain their results, they can reach your site. This is why it’s crucial to have a high ranking on search engines, in order to pull more traffic for your blog.

There are several factors that impact SEO, but here are two major categories under which everything falls:

  1. On-page factors:  It includes meta titles, URLs, Web development, the actual content on each page as well as page structure
  2. Off-page factors: It covers backlinks, website online/ mentions of your company and social factors.

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plug-in which is developed to help you improve some of an essential on-page SEO factors. This plug-in manages everything from setting up your meta titles as well as descriptions while developing the sitemap. Yoast even assists you to tackle the more complicated tasks like editing your htaccess and robots.txt.

A number of settings may seem slightly complex if you’re fresh to SEO and WordPress, but Yoast offers a complete tutorial to help you get everything falls into place.


Offering a blog post full of text makes your content less attractive and will immediately push away visitors. Adding visuals such as charts, infographics, and other images can help segregate your content and make it easily understandable.

The problem which surrounds a lot of bloggers is that they run into figuring out how to merge images into their content. This causes the bloggers to load their posts with stock images which aren’t appealing at all. Canva is a free tool which makes it easy to develop custom graphics to match with your blog posts.

One of the best aspects about Canva is that it comes loaded with several templates which allow all your graphics to be sized perfectly according to the specific social media site. For example: If you want an image to be easy for your readers to Pin, select the Pinterest template.

Email Marketing Tool

In addition to social media, email marketing is growing as a powerful way to spread the word connected to your latest blog posts.

Emails allow you to reach out directly to your viewers and update them whenever you post any new content. An email marketing tool or autoresponder provides you the ability to gather email addresses and deliver emails.

There are a number of email marketing tools available. Some popular choices for bloggers and businesses include:

  1. Constant Contact
  2. MailChimp
  3. Aweber
  4. GetResponse

Once you create your account and lists, do get into a habit of sending emails on a frequent basis and remain consistent to get the best results.

Final Say

Use these blogging tools and you can be assured of a far fetched reach.

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