20 WordPress Plugins For 2017 That Can Turn Your Site Into An Seo Powerhouse!

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Search engines are said to be the most important source of traffic generation for a majority of websites. This is the reason why many users keep enquiring about the SEO plugins and tips that can be useful in improving SEO of the WordPress sites.
Are you on a lookout for few WordPress plugins that are majorly used by WordPress experts? If yes, you have finally arrived the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss 20 handpicked WordPress plugins that will turn your site into an SEO powerhouse. Please know that choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will only assure that your day to day life is made easier. In this manner, you’ll also be able to deliver a better experience for your users too. Having said that, let’s take a look at the top 20 WordPress Plugins for 2017.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast


SEO by Yoast is not only an SEO plugin but rather an absolute website optimization package. Besides being able to add description and title to the articles, this plugin also allows you to do page analysis, add open graph metadata, publish XML sitemap, and a lot more. This plugin in extremely easy to install and setup and that’s the reason all developers use it on their websites.

2. Ad Sanity


Another must have WordPress plugin is Ad Sanity. It is an ad management plugin that is focussed on assuring ease of use. Adding new ads in the Ad Sanity is pretty much similar to adding a post. The plugin comes with shortcodes and widgets in order to support the display ads to help you display ads in posts, sidebars, and pages. Using this, you can either create time-based ads that only run for a specific time frame or infinite ads that keep running unless you remove them. This also comes with stats that helps you note clicks and ad views. For those seeking to display advertisement in WordPress, this plugin can be used.

3. Display Widgets


There may be times when you might wish to display or hide a widget on some specific pages. Using the Display Widgets, you can easily hide or show the widgets on certain specific posts or pages. This even helps you in choosing to show the widgets only to the logged in users and hide the same from all the others.

4. Thirsty Affiliates

For those seeking to make affiliate marketing as one of the prime sources of income on the site, this plugin tool can be of great help. It will allow you to easily cloak links, add affiliate links, export the links and even auto insert on certain keywords.

5. Soliloquy

Want the best WordPress slider? Opt for Soliloquy which happens to be an essential slider plugin in the market. Most of the slider plugins tend to slow down the website and this definitely hurts your SEO. This one, on the other hand, is the fastest and the most responsive slider plugin which loads the sliders at a very high speed.  The plugin comes packed with features so if you wish to give it a try, try out its free version, right away.

6. Term Management Tools


Tags and categories in addition to the custom taxonomies play a vital role in how you sort the content of your website. However, there are few beginners who have no idea about the difference between tags and categories but the SEO is best practiced by using them. This is when the term management tools come handy. Using this plugin, you can merge and bulk edit the custom taxonomies, tags and categories.

7. WP Mail SMTP


Given the configuration settings on few of the WordPress hosting providers, there may be a chance that your WordPress emails aren’t reaching you. In order to get rid of this problem, you will need the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Using this plugin, you can use an SMTP server to be able to send your WordPress emails rather than the PHP’s mail function. Not to forget, you can also use the SMTP server of Gmail to be able to send your WordPress emails.

8. Table Press

The WordPress post editor does not come with an inbuilt option to create the tables. So, if you wish to insert tables in WordPress, then you can use the Table Press plugin for that. Using this plugin, you can create tables within WordPress and add the same to your pages, posts, and even Widgets. From here, you can also export the table data if you need.

9. Envira Gallery

Do you run a photography site? Do you have a site that requires a lot of images? If yes, Envira Gallery is the plugin you may need. It is responsive WordPress gallery plugin that helps you in creating beautiful image based galleries with a couple of powerful image based effects, responsive design, and easy navigation. The best thing about this plugin is that it loads brilliantly fast and looks pretty on just about every device. You can opt for its free version called Envira Gallery Lite.

10. Edit Flow


In order to get an efficient editorial workflow on WordPress, you can use the Edit Flow plugin. This will help you see your editorial calendar, assign posts, leave editorial comments, manage authors, and more. Using this, you can even create your own custom post status and plan the content strategy within in the WordPress dashboard.

11. WP Touch


The WP Touch offers a mobile suite for WordPress which gives your site the essential capabilities and powerful features that even the most responsive themes fail to match. If you wish to come up with a mobile version of your portal, then WP Touch can be of the biggest help. It comes packed with built in support for custom content, mobile-advertising, and e Commerce. More importantly, WP touch also allows you to offer an app for your site without having to use the App Store.

12. Floating Social Bar


A number of social media plugins for the WordPress sites come with a lot of bloats. With unnecessary scripts and a number of social networks that nobody wants your website tends to slow down. That is when Floating Social Bar is what you need. It is the best social media plugin. Using this, you can add only a handful of social networks, those that really matter. It is efficiently optimized for speed so your social buttons won’t slow down your site.

13. Backup Buddy


The second WordPress Plugin that you must install for SEO is Backup Buddy. It is the most beginner friendly WordPress migration and backup plugin. This allows you to quickly setup the automatic backup schedule for your portal. Using this plugin, you can store your backups on the cloud and sleep with ease knowing that your content is very well backed up.

14. Login Lockdown


By default, a user is allowed to try to login into the site in umpteen number of attempts as desired. Most of the hack attempts largely depend on breaking into the site’s admin area by using the password lists. Limit Login Attempts helps put a limit on the number of times a user can try to login into the site. After passing the given number of login attempts, this plugin locks down the admin area for a limited span of time.

15. W3 Total Cache

Most of you already know how important the speed of the site is for its ranking on search engine. The W3 Total Cache Plugin helps you optimize your WordPress site for both performance and speed. It allows you to compress pages for quicker downloads, do browser caching, setup a content delivery network for your static files and easily setup the page.

16. Disqus

The WordPress’ default commenting system works only for the websites that have fewer visitors. However, if you have a portal that receives larger visitors with a variety of user comments, you ought to use the Disqus commenting system. This is a third party commenting system that means that the comments on the website will not affect the server. More so, Disqus will not affect the page speed of your site since it comes equipped with an anti spam filter.

17. WP Forms


WP Forms is the best and the most beginner friendly contact form WordPress plugin for SEO. It is an online drag and drops form building which allows you to easily create email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, order forms, as well as another type of online forms in just a few clips.

18. Optin Monster

One of the most effective marketing tools for your business portals is Email Marketing and certainly the best plugin for this is Optin Monster. It is regarded as the best lead generation plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can create amazing optin forms as well as pop ups for your WordPress website. This will, in turn, help you convert your users into subscribers. The plugin comes packed with several features such as split testing, analytics, page level targeting and exit intent technology that helps you display a form when a user is set to leave your site. This plugin definitely works out of the box with the abundant marketing services that it assures.

19. Compact Archives

By default, WordPress has the tendency to create a long bulleted list of all of your monthly archives. When you have already been blogging for a while, adding the monthly archives would make the users scroll a lot. This problem can be resolved with the use of Compact Archives as it can display your monthly archive in one compact block.

20. Sucuri

Want to monitor the security of your websites? It is time to install Sucuri! Any website that is on the internet can get hacked or can be attacked by the malicious denial of the service attacks. It is thus important to be prepared than sorry. Using this plugin, you can help you get real time alerts, effective malware removal service and website security scanner.

Final Say

These are the 20 most popular WordPress plugins that can boost the SEO of your site. If you can think of any other plugin that assures a good SEO ranking, do let us know about it in the comment section below.

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