3 Mistaken Myths About Conversion Rate Optimization That Are Hampering Your Time!

Conversion Rate Optimization is required by any e-commerce website to function well. The main focus is to convert visitors into customers which indeed leads to benefit the business. There are several tools which help to enhance the conversion rate that is well read by experts in today’s time. But there also exists several misconceptions which are utterly vague and do not make any sense. If any website brags about the rise in its revenue just by swapping a headline, do not focus on it as it is totally misleading.

Let us highlight some of the most common myths related to CRO that are indeed wasting the time of numerous entrepreneurs globally.

CRO = Split Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization is basically tracking the actions of the users in order to check if they are buying from your website or not. One of the most common myths that prevail in today’s world is related to Split Testing. CRO is not actually confined to split testing but has different elements involved which are not known by many e-commerce developers. The job of a CRO consultant includes identifying and fixing hindrances that are hampering the conversion rate. One needs to understand that CRO practice should highlight the important factors such as:

  • Functioning: Does the site perform simple functions? Is it easily functional across devices? Are all the buttons clickable?
  • Accessibility: Is the website is easily available to all users regardless of their location or devices?
  • Usability: This is an important factor that focuses on making the website more usable. Can people easily use it without any sort of guidelines?
  • Intuitive: Are the website’s content and navigation intuitively found out by the users?
  • Persuasiveness: Is the website persuading enough? Are the users involved convinced enough to share their contact information or buy a product?

A/B testing shouldn’t be avoided completely but one must be aware when it works effectively for CRO.

Single Skill Practice

If we are talking about misconceptions related to CRO, then this point is surely quite popular. This myth has surrounded various businesses and is indeed a waste of time and money. CRO is counted as a single skill which is not at all true. In reality, CRO is a broad field of practice that includes a number of skills. To master in conversion rate optimization there is a need to learn at least three different set of skills.

  • Copywriting: This skill is indeed helpful in affecting the users on your website for positive results. It is the art of writing persuasive content that surely has a major impact on the conversion rates.
  • Designing: The graphics available on your website does play an important role. From the website’s UI/UX to other design elements, everything is connected to conversion rates. A talented UI/UX designer who holds good knowledge about conversion rate optimization is surely a big asset for the website.
  • Analysis: Analytics include running tests and spotting their results. A skilled person is needed who is capable of carrying out these actions.

The need for a developer can also flash under certain circumstances in order to code up page variants. This offers a clear picture about CRO being a compilation of skills that should be viewed on a broader canvas.

Minor Changes Lead to Bigger Results

There are several case studies that are indeed misleading. By changing a single word can a website gain 90% more views? Most entrepreneurs are tempted to find out those simplified single steps to acquire big rewards. The truth is that these case studies are false and often end up wasting your time. Such studies do not cover some of the most important aspects which are needed to give a logical explanation for CRO.

They do not highlight the important information related to:

  • The tests performed and their duration.
  • Status of the traffic during the testing period.
  • The other different changes related to the website.

The conversion rate is enhanced by focusing on different methods that test various elements on your website. Small elements aren’t much capable of offering higher conversion rate optimization. One needs to understand that risks are important in order to redesign the website by changing the colors, layouts or even graphics. Such expectations are quite dangerous and do affect the working of the business.

Final Say:

The above-stated misconceptions have hampered the working of a number of e-commerce businesses. Logical thinking is quite important which should always be given top priority before framing marketing strategies. Higher CRO can be acquired through proper analysis, test results and positive changes that are significantly good. Stay away from such baseless myths and do check their eligibility through experts before wasting time and money on them.

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