5 Habits That Will Make You A Fast Learner!


We have often heard people saying that as we grow older the pace at which we learn things decreases and it is always better to learn things at a young age. But some care to disagree. Personally I feel there is no age to learn. While some have the ability to grasp thing more quickly, for some it is indeed a time consuming process and happens irrespective of any age. And who is better teacher than life, eh? So next time someone tells you the phrase “Well, boy I’m too old to learn all these new stuff”, please do correct them and give them these tips listed below which will help make us all better and fast learners.


Adjust and accommodate to your learning environment

Many of us believe the best time to learn is learning it early in the morning with a fresh mind. While it may be true but you may not always have the time to get up early in the morning. Our busy lives may not allow us to get up early in the morning every day. So what we suggest is try to adjust to the changing environment. You may have the few extra hours at night and you may want to use it for learning something instead of trying hard to wake up early the next day. Habituate yourself with the changing environment. Do it slowly, one day at a time and slowly you will be successful enough to grasp to the new learning routine for yourself.

Take notes whenever necessary

Remember when in school our teacher always suggested we sit with our notebooks while preparing for a topic. It is true and is an effective way to remember things. As and when you are learning things, make tiny notes on your notebook, so that each time you look back to revise the same topic you will have all the important points listed in front of you and it will be easier for you to remember them. Not only in the case of self-study, making notes works everywhere especially in classrooms when your teachers and professors keep talking and it is not possible to remember each and every little detail, so you take running notes which help you to make your learning process easier and faster.

Exercise not only the body but also the brain

Like a sound body needs good rest and sufficient amount of exercise to maintain the proper functioning so does our brain. Apart from the daily chores you subject your brain to, have your brain go out of the schedule and indulge in games with serve as a mental exercise. Game apps like BrainHQ and Lumosity are some popular games which you can play for a quick mental exercise.

Take break from your daily routine

Repeatedly doing the same things, same chores and the same work every day sucks out the brain’s ability. The brain gets used to producing the same kind of receptors to works things the way you have subjected it to. And so what you can do is going out of your daily schedule. Take a break, go on a short trip and relax your mind and body. You can also innovate your routine. Change the kind of work you are used to doing. Your brain will automatically adopt to the new pressure it has been given. Start things slow but steady.

Take good care of your diet

Consuming foods that are rich in protein and fiber help towards a healthy and a sound mind. Blaming the memory and cursing yourself for forgetting little things is not the solution. You should make sure that the brain receives proper nourishment for it to work well. Foods like fruits and vegetable help boost your memory and create dopamine which is essential for learning and memory. Create a diet chart avoiding too much cheese and items which contain saturated fats which lower your memory skills.

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