5 Natural Steps To Follow For A Long Lasting Self Confidence!


The fear of failure, the fear of public humiliation, the fear of getting rejected. There are many reasons which are responsible for bringing down the morale of a person. And the amalgamation of all such factors playing one’s mind is the lack of self-confidence. Low self-confidence often tends to bring a person down, the disbelief hinders a person from achieving their dreams and ambition bringing their morale down making them even more under confident. This is vicious cycle that carries o, but we have some tips that may help you boost your self-confidence. Small easy steps that you may incorporate in your lifestyle that’ll help fix up your shaken belief in one self.


Making changes in your body language

Rubbing your hands constantly, clasping your hands together, crossing your arms, looking down when someone is talking to you, improper posture, fidgeting with fingers and leg; all these are signs of nervous and impatient person. People tend to judge you and avoid conversation with people with such under confident behavior. So instead, pay attention when someone is talking to you, make a strong eye contact and keep your hand still by your side. The change in the physiological behavior holds a strong impact on the state of the brain and vice versa. So make the necessary change for a better you.

Increase your vocabulary

Many a times, in a middle of the discussion you may find that you want to contribute but your lack of vocabulary skills stops you from doing so and you ultimately eat your words. This is acts as a huge blow to your confidence. What we suggest as a remedy is expand your vocabulary, flip through at least one page of the dictionary every day. And within a month or so you will find you have a repertoire of words in your vocabulary and you are no longer in need to abruptly end your argument in a debate.

Groom yourself for success

Sure what is on the inside is more important, the matter and substance which you hold within yourself is more important but at the end of the day no one will want to strike up a conversation with someone who looks like a roadside beggar. By grooming we don’t ask you to indulge in long hours of caking makeup onto your face. All we suggest is maintaining a proper hygiene which means regular bath, neat hairstyle, proper well fitted clothes, taking good care of your health. Present yourself in such a way in front of the society that no one dares to ignore you.

Re model your wardrobe

A main part of the grooming process lies in what clothes you wear. The kind of clothes, your sense in fashion and style also makes a huge difference in the way people look at you which in turn affects your self-confidence. By re modelling your closet, we don’t really suggest you go shopping for Gucci and Chanel. All we ask is take care of how you look. Make sure your clothes are well fitted, ironed and clean all the time. Use a perfume not something loud but a soothing fragrance while you walk into the room is always a bonus point. And lastly, wear things that you are comfortable in. You need not inflict pain in yourself to look good, wear something that is neat and something that brings your comfort.

Maintaining a healthy diet

‘Healthy, wealthy and wise’, ‘Health is wealth’. Our old wise ones always taught us how good health is the key to happiness and a long life. And rightly so, if you are weak on the inside it is not possible to be bright and confident on the outside. In order to keep up your confidence high, feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

All these are small steps one might undertake and adopt in their lifestyle to boost up their self-confidence. We do not guarantee you that these are sure shot ways to success but these ways sure do make a difference on how people and look at yourself.

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Puneet Bhalla

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