5 Popular Apps And Tools To Help Covert Potential Buyers To Shoppers

Every eCommerce store is always on a lookout for ways and means to augment sales and traffic on their web platform. Of course, there are different ways and suggestions provided by several marketing and sales experts but you cannot implement all of it at one go. So, here we have come up with some important tools and tactics that will help you increase traffic and sales on your eCommerce portal. To help you implement these tools and tactics, there are certain apps that you can put to use. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Develop an Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Speaking about converting the potential customers into buyers, one thing that works better than others is – Email. Ideally, you can send three different types of email marketing campaigns:

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Approximately 70% of the potential customers abandon their carts before checkout. When you are planning to boost sales, your abandoned carts must beat the basics. These automated email marketing campaigns will help you target the customers who do not make it to the checkout. So, basically, you’ll need apps that will send personalized emails and contain images of the pictures of the products that were added in the cart.


Personalized Newsletters

There are apps that will help you build personalized newsletters according to the preferences, needs and desires of the customers. For instance, if a particular customer is continually scrounging different websites hunting for external hard disks, you can send them personalized newsletters that contain information on the hard disks available at your portal, or likewise.  


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Effective Segmentation

Segmentation is important when you wish to send fewer emails yet make more money. This tool will help you segregate the buyers into different segments or groups to help you target each one specifically.


2. Take help of your loyal customers

Why would a customer want to shop with you over and over again? Only when you appreciate their loyalty! It is imperative that you’ll have customers shopping with you in the loop when they get some exclusive benefits of picking you over the other eCommerce portals. But how can these existing customers convert potential customers to shoppers? Simple! Give them benefits or rewards for inviting new customers or shoppers to shop with you.  

App that works: LoyaltyLion

Why: This application helps you drive loyal customers back to your portal. It also encourages them to make repeat purchases and refers your portal to their friends and family.


3. Capture Visitor’s Email Addresses

According to research, 70% of the visitors who abandon your website never return. So, to make them come back, you need to maintain a database, primarily their email addresses that can be used by you to send them offers, deals, sale announcements, and come back rewards.

App that works: Email Pirate   

Why: Email Pirate helps you capture your visitor’s email addresses. It creates opt-in forms that are visually appealing. Further, it also generates exit popup which can be left only once the users enter their email address.


4. Get Product reviews

Product reviews is an important element of online sales. They work as a product pitch that doesn’t come from you (but rather from a genuine third party). It has two key benefits:

  • Increase the sales of your reviewed products.
  • Improve the SEO friendly scores on Google.

Usually, a customer is apprehensive in making a purchase from a new website. However, when a particular product that they are seeking has a number of positive reviews, customers are driven towards it. So, it is important that you encourage your existing customers to leave reviews so that new customers are driven towards your products.

App that works: Product Reviews and Yotpo

Why: It is a free application and helps you collect product reviews from your existing customers on your website’s product pages.   


5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing. Under this, a business rewards the affiliates for every customer or the visitor that is brought on the portal by the marketing efforts of the affiliate. So, largely you reward other people for marketing your products in exchange of a percentage of the sales that is generated as a result of their marketing efforts.

App that works: LeadDyno  
Why: It does everything that an affiliate agency would at a much more competitive price. LeadDyno is easy to integrate and pays affiliates automatically.    


Final Say

So, now you have five important tips, tools, tactics and apps that will help you convert your potential visitors into customers. You can start with the free trial of these applications and see how they work for you. Do let us know in the comment box, how each one of these worked for you.

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