5 Proven Marketing Strategies To Improve Website Traffic

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Every budding entrepreneur or start up that wishes to consistently gain the flow of visitors, revenue and customers, do everything possible to increase the website traffic. Sadly, not all of them succeed. A lot of businesses think that spending buck loads of money on advertising is imperative for consistent web traffic. Surprisingly, you just don’t need to spend a bomb to increase the website traffic.

Looking for simple marketing strategies to attract more and more website visitors without overriding the ethics of your business or stooping to the spam techniques? Here are 5 proven marketing strategies that can improve the website traffic at low cost.

Content Marketing or Blogging

Content marketing or blogging is definitely one of the most important marketing strategies to improve website traffic. More than 57% of the marketers acquire customers via blogging and about 46% of people read more blogs every day.

Content Marketing can help you

  • Generate Traffic
  • Make potential customers find you
  • Develop a personal connection with your present and future customers
  • Keep loyal readers
  • Close sales


Tips to make your content viral

  1. Have persuasive or catchy headlines
  2. Numbered lists definitely work better
  3. Put stats in your content
  4. Include pictures or info-graphics in your content

Use the Influencer or Blogger Targeting via Powerful Content

One of the best means to augment the website traffic is by targeting influencers or the bloggers from an industry that is capable of producing high quality content and has a mass following. Influencers tend to have a huge network and high authority in a given industry. After you have linked yourself to other resources especially their blogs, there is a fair chance that they’ll share about you in their network. This definitely can mean, a lot of website traffic. Do inform them when you link to them.
1. How to find influencers: Topsy, Wefollow and Followerwonk can help you find the influencers that you can connect to. BuzzSumo is another good tool that works. It can also help you do the competitive analysis and finding the topics about your industry that go viral.
2. How to manage the influencers: You can use BuzzStream as a tool to manage your influencers painlessly. It also helps you create blogger outreach campaigns.


Increase engagement on Social Media

Increasing traffic via social media would involve:

  • Building Fan Base
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Website Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertisement


Building Fan Base: Share content that people like to read. If you share long and lengthy posts, they maybe lost in the air however, if you post infographics, videos, pictures, they are more likely to get viral.

Social Media Sharing: Use social media as a means to promote your content. Let everything you post have a share button so that it reaches maximum people. See the degree of engagement your organic content produces.

Website Social Media Optimization: Optimizing your website to allow better social media sharing can definitely augment your website traffic. For this you can integrate social media sharing plug ins, to allow the users to share your blogs with ease.

Social Media Management: Use every social media channel wisely.

  1. Twitter: Ideal for snappy, tempting and short links.
  2. Google+: Promotion done on Google+ will make your site show up in the personalized searches. Incredibly effective in B2B niches.
  3. Pinterest and Instagram: Ideal for all B2C product companies.
  4. Facebook: Works best in all cases.

Paid Advertisement: Paid advertisements will only prove worthwhile if you produce great content and then allow people to find it either organically or via advertisement. For results, you have to be proactive! You can adjust your paid advertisements so as to fit in your goals. Find out your goals first! Are you only seeking traffic or do you need conversions, too? Every paid channel has a set of pros and cons. Get your objectives straight before beginning to invest!

If you want to improve the conversion rate with the traffic, you’ll have to target the high commercial intent keywords. Of course competitions for such terms can be tough and expensive but the payoff can be good.

Never Neglect E-Mail Marketing

A lot of customers today rely so much on content marketing that they overlook the traditional methods. Email Marketing is one such tool. It involves using e-mail to spread your marketing message and develop a relationship with your customers. It can help the marketers and organizations in:

  • Advertisements
  • Communication
  • Support
  • Acquisition
  • Conversions
  • Brand Loyalty

Pro Tip: Never, never bombard people with endless emails, bringing forth every minute update or happening in the business.

Conduct Contests and Give Freebies

Contests can definitely be a great tool to drive a lot of traffic. Prizes and gifts can be a great incentive for both new and existing customers, thereby increasing the overall traffic. You can conduct contests on Social Media channels and engage more and more people.


Final Say

Above are 5 proven marketing strategies that are known to increase the website traffic. Do let us know about the ones that you have tried and the ones that worked wonders for you!

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