5 Reasons To Add Wishlist To Your Website


For an e-commerce store, having a wishlist feature is an opportunity to convert potential customers into actual ones even when they’re not ready to make in initial purchase. Wishlists are among one of the very important features of e-commerce that would help you increase your sales.

This festive season you can help your shoppers to find a perfect gift for themselves and their families through their wishlist items. Simply put, you can increase your site’s traffic and eventually your sale through this. And trust me, you don’t have to be a big business to add wishlist feature in your e-commerce store.

We’ve got you 5 reasons for which you must add wishlists to your website! Let’s have a look at them

Bring More Visitors to Your Site

Wishlists are the great method of promotion that could possibly help you to achieve the desired traffic on your online store. It’s the less expensive and a lot more productive than advertising method to attract new as well as existing visitors. This results in having built-in confidence from your site to provide the best and most desired products. So, what is the best way to get traffic on your store?


Increase Sales

With more traffic on your e-commerce website, chances are you’re going to make your desired revenue.

The fact is – you fresh visitors not only know that their friend or loved one want your products, they may also find something worth sharing with others too. And the best part of your wishlist feature is that – they can be used year-round for special events of your potential customers.


Fewer Returns

Why you we usually return a product we ordered online? Because we don’t like it or maybe it’s something that we don’t want, right? The same happens with your customers. They return your product because they don’t like or don’t want.


So by providing your shoppers with a wishlist option, you save yourself from a big loophole. They wouldn’t be disappointed with what they get and you, in return, would fewer or no returns at all. A wishlist also lets your shopper to save their favorite item, ensuring that they can come back to buy it later, when needed. It gives your potential customer time to think about the purchase they would like to make.

Isn’t this feature something worth having?

Retain Leads

Retaining your leads could be a quite tricky part of e-commerce business. If a shopper provides you with his/her contact email by signing up for your wishlist, then you have a way to remind them that their items are ready to be purchased. And fortunately, if they sign up, then you may engage them in your strategic marketing campaign and provide coupons or discounts to encourage purchases from them.


Help Gauge Popularity Of An Item

Having an accurate knowledge of items saved or not saved to wishlists can help you anticipate stock levels of your products. The data stored about who is saving the wishlist item and from which area, can help you promote your product effectively. You can customize your marketing campaigns to promote certain items, or to appeal to certain group of individuals in a particular area.


So, if you haven’t considered providing your shoppers with a wishlist, you may be giving your competitors chance to increase their revenues. The wishlist not only will make your life easier but it would be helpful for your potential customers as well. How about avoiding returns and encouraging sales?


Puneet Bhalla

Senior Marketing Manager at Shiprocket

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Puneet Bhalla

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