5 Technology Trends That Will Transform Every Job!

No matter what industry you’re functioning in, your start-up or a 10 year old company cannot survive without technology. Technological advancement are revolutionising industries and their functions by leaps and bounds. These advancements are not only seen in the latest gadgets for the tech geeks, but also in the economy to drool over.

In reality, and according to the facts, in the phase of 10 years, we might lose 7 million traditional jobs because of technological advancement. The good news is – technology may lead us to lose jobs BUT, it will also create new advance jobs in the future.

In fact, we all are targeted by these technological advancements. The smarter you be, the more successful you will be (in spite of disappearance of traditional ways of working).

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing


The technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing will be the smarter way of interacting communication. The smart communication from frontline customer service reps could be outsourced to smart “bots” for a response just like humans. This would bring forward many career changes because of the technology.



Robotics and automation will take a giant leap forward, thanks to networked sensors and artificial intelligence. This advancement will take careers in designing and programming to the next level.  According to the estimations, 42% of the U.S jobs will be automated within 10 years. So, isn’t it scary and exciting at the same time?

Big Data and analytics


I’m pretty sure, that you’ve read or heard the word “Big Data and Analytics” every single time when someone talks about technological changes. And if the businesses are smart enough, they will be using data and analytics in the industries they’re in! Big data and analytics will revolutionise the traditional forms of company maintenance into a distinctive and smarter way of handling company. From sales to HR, the employees of every discipline will be on the grounds to understand the basics of big data. So, are you ready for the career shift, Mr.HR manager?

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasing growing topic in the business world and even outside it! Simply put, the practicality of the world would simply revolve around the on and off switch to the Internet. Yes, this will simplify things like supply chain management to analysing of data and could add an additional level of surveillance to the existing jobs. Let’s hope that the impact of LoT would be a happy change.

3D Printing

3D Printing which is also known as Additive Manufacturing will bring down positive changes in the careers. It will create many new careers in manufacturing sectors as this will allow any size company to manufacture products quickly, locally and within determined costs. And as the 3D printing technology would improve, the new materials manufactured would conceivably disrupt manufacturing in many ways. The budding designers would have a great chance with such technological advancement.

Final Words

As the technology is making its own advancement, it’s recommended that you make your career advancement too. The best way to overcome this fast paced advancement is to roll with new technologies by trainings or learning something new. Thus, in coming years, you can empower the new business world with new skills learned. And you never know – that you might just bring a revolution to the world.

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Puneet Bhalla

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