5 Tips To Find A Good Mentor In Your Life!


No matter where you are in your career, sooner or later, you are bound to encounter certain situations you’re not exactly sure how to work on.

Whether you are worried about taking a chance on a job at startup or figuring out what your next big project should be, it’s totally natural to want somebody knowledgeable to talk to! The fact is – we all seek advice from our significant other or friends. But, their advises are based on what they think is best for you.


And the truth is, unless they’re into the same field with some nice experience, they’re not likely to be able to offer objective advice from a business insider’s perspective.

Be clear on what you want

Before you begin your relationship as a mentee/mentor, you need to upfront about your expectations from mentor. You need to clarify your own goals and ask yourself – “How can this person help me achieve my goals?”


And it’s a two-way process. Find a mentor who’s your ideal. The one who possess the qualities you are looking in your mentor. Are you looking for someone who has impressive networks in his circle? Or someone possessing the same field but more experienced than you?

There’s such a thing as too experienced

If you are a recent college graduate just entering your dream company, it’s likely to you need a mentor at this stage of life. Whenever your position is, look for somebody who can walk in your shoes. The one who can understand your challenges and help you get through them.

If you’ve found that experienced person, don’t be afraid to approach him/her. You could mail him/her about this but you need to state why you want him/her to be your mentor. Don’t be afraid to flatter him/her and also make your point clarified. And if first person isn’t interested, don’t be disheartened and move on to other person.

Work on your emotional intelligence

The best way to work on your emotional intelligence is to practise in the real world. Your emotional intelligence determines how well you do in work and how perfectly you can handle your emotions. This trait is very important when you are dealing with your mentor.


Your EL would help you share your thoughts, discover your inner passion, know your strengths and weaknesses increase your empathy and most importantly, be socially responsible. Possessing these skills in yourself would help you build long-lasting relationship with your mentor.

Look for someone who shares your passion and problems

While the main quality of your mentor has to be the enthusiasm about you and your career, but the enthusiasm comes from the relationship you build through passion. So you must always ask yourself – “what problems am I passionate about solving?”

Maybe you are passionate about solving a social issue or something your industry is facing; whatever it is make sure your mentor shares the same passion for solving those issues. This will enhance your bond and help you find a perfect mentor for yourself.

Earn your mentor’s respect

When you seek a mentor, you become an investment of him/her that may not necessarily pay off. If you want your relationship with your mentor to flourish, it is important that you earn his/her respect. How will you earn your mentor’s respect now?

Businessmen discussing pie chart

This happens when you face criticism from your mentor and you suppress your ego. When you follow your mentor’s opinions without judgement and try your best to trust that person, that’s when you earn it. Learn how to interact with your mentor and understand his advises.

Puneet Bhalla

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