6 Bothersome Buzzwords You Must Delete From Your Resume Right Now!


Despite the fact employers now count on far more than just a pre-written document called resume, it is extremely important part of the process. A resume is your first identity that goes in the hand of your employer and it’s vital that you nail your resume. By using cliché phrases and worn-out catchphrases, you can extremely diminish the shine of your resume otherwise reputable achievements and qualifications. To ensure you do not suffer from language that will get your resume placed in the “no” heap, remove these six buzzwords from your resume.

People Person

There’s really no reason to write this in your resume. If your resume gets shortlisted and you’re called in for an interview based on your experience, a savvy employer would be able to govern whether you’ll fit in with the company. Employers are immense on hunting people who will match their “corporate culture” nowadays days, but anyone can claim they are a people person. It’s a worthless term and it’s just your estimation. Focus on more explicit, honest attributes about yourself. Avoiding overused term like People Person can help job seekers carry their message and stand out from the mass.

Quick Learner

If you have to say this, you possibly are not a quick learner. Or even if you are, don’t you possess other skills that are more worthy of the valuable space on your résumé? During the interview, the employer will assess if you are “getting” what’s being said, if you can get up to pace or if you move at a snail’s speed. It requires not to be emphasized in a résumé. Instead, this term may divert the hiring person from the more significant matters — that you do in fact have the required skills for the job.


This word is hyped, overused, and absolutely wrong for your résumé. It doesn’t matter what you “love” to do in a professional atmosphere. Outside of the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, it does not even matter what you “like” to do. It only matters that you can complete the task in an organization. An employer really does not care whether or not you like it. And if you do not enjoy what you are doing, then perhaps this is not the type of job you should even be applying for.

Team Player

A team player is a word that doesn’t always say something positive about you. If the job you are applying for is collaborative, you’d know that open, and one would assume that you get along well with your co-workers. And since this phrase is used so much, employers have become invulnerable to its meaning.


Organized is a word that you really need not mention in your resume. This is a significant attribute that should be obscure if you’ve already had positive employment in jobs that need organization. If you’re seeking an administrative role, you mostly likely would not have the educations to make the cut for an interview unless you previously had a proven track record in this demanding role.


This is another clichéd and a subjective adjective that should be avoided in Resume. You might be an “excellent” sales person or “excellent” researcher, but the proof is in the pudding once you are into the job. The use of this word is not going to impress a potential employer, no matter how many times you are using it. Even once used is too much.

You don’t want to sacrifice clarity of your resume and be unnecessarily complicated, but you also don’t want to oversimplify and become too ambiguous. Some of the major difficulties with using buzzwords and terms are that they have become so clichéd that they’ve lost all meaning, and they don’t distinguish the job seeker from other applicants because they’re so common and nonspecific. Fewer jargon words and terms should be evaded when they serve little purpose to the hiring manager. All these words do is waste their time, and as a result, you lose out on the very few valuable seconds a recruiter spends perusing and scanning your resume.

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