6 Golden Rules To Follow At Any Networking event!


Business meets and networking events are one of the many avenues where as an entrepreneur you get to expand your contacts, meet fellow entrepreneurs associated with the industry, sell your brand and most importantly attract more clients. But the entire process can be quite taxing and also involves a lot of tactics because more often than not, your target clients or the ones whom you would like to approach might already be engaged in a conversation and or in constant move. As newcomers of the industry you might not be aware of the smart moves but here in this article we help you set a clear list of the do’s and do not’s in a networking event.

Proper research regarding your clients-

Even before you start planning how, when and where to go to such kind of event you should definitely make sure you do a thorough research on potential networking targets. And this goes out especially to the first timers and the newbies of the industry. First you should get hold of the listed speakers of the event, the topics they will be discussing, doing your own research on them so you may ask your queries in the open debate sessions. Also, do not forget to check out the event’s social handles and hashtags. After you have listed all of these you can make suitable preparations on how to go about the entire event.

Dressing up well-

There is nothing more attractive than a person who is confident enough to showcase his product in front of an audience, you maybe a newcomer or a legend in the industry, lack of confidence in your brand is a major setback in these. And one of the major factors that is responsible for boosting confidence in person is how he/she is dressed. But please do not confuse dressing well with dressing up. All we ask you is to have your clothes washed, ironed and cleaned. We don’t want you looking as if you have come straight out of the vogue magazine neither do we suggest you have your meetings in your jammies.


Be a good listener-

Networking is not just only about selling yourself and your product. Be precise and crisp in your content and then lend your ears to the others who wish to give feedback and their thoughts about your product. Also, have patience to hear and show that you are genuinely interested when a person approaches you. Be a good listener and then formulate whatever you may have to say to them. ‘How do like working for your company?’ and ‘what are the future projects that you are looking forward to?’ these are some questions that are some generic questions that bodes well with all.

Work on your body language-

Body language forms a major part of human communication. What comes out of your mouth must be aided with the right kind of actions. A firm handshake, direct eye contact while talking to people around you, placing your hands behind your back. These are just the basics that you must keep in mind. Remember, however much interesting your content or product might be, no one will show interest if you don’t manage to present it well in front of your clients.


Bringing business cards-

Well yeah, they do still exist and make a huge difference. Make sure you have sufficient amount with you and also make sure you don’t hand it over like pamphlets. Don’t get yourself tagged as the business card spammer in such events. This adds to negative marketing. A stack of ten cards per day for such kind of events is a sufficient amount. And make sure you collect cards of others as well.

A dedicated follow-up-

Taking business cards and keeping them in your folder is not follow-up. Take time and the patience to sort the cards after these events, send emails and of course the mandatory LinkedIn requests should also be in order. You can also re-invent the old school ways. Fix up informal meetings with these new acquaintances, build up friendly terms especially if they are beneficial to your business.

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