6 Mental Blocks Preventing Your True Success


Have you ever wondered – what separates success from failure? It’s the ability to keep aside mental blocks. These mental blocks stop you, make you feel you’re not worth it and most importantly, make you far away from your goals.


So whether your goal is to build an empire through startup or boost your existing business, it’s just your mind that can hold you back from success. When you’re on your way to success, the one that stops you from being an average is your ability to control your mental blocks. The potential you have will be successfully achieved once you know what your “mental blocks” are and how to overcome them!


No matter what you may believe, if you’re thinking the all negatives and no positives, you may be preventing your own success. Always thinking about the negative part won’t lead you to the road you’re willing to go. Are you the one who cribs over small arguments at the office? If yes, you’re seriously not thinking “the big picture.” You have to understand that without arguments, you cannot come over any solution.


Hence, always think for a solution for the problems you face. Don’t get indulge in the pessimistic and procrastinated thinking. Think about things that really matter in your business and work on them!


Why is it that we always perceive failure more than we perceive success? We worry about failure, try to avoid it and do our best to keep a distance from it. You know what, we’ve not yet reached a stage of understanding what no great success is ever achieved without failure. The pessimism is our greatest enemy and optimism may land you where you deserve to be! You may even have to face a series of failures, but you need to also understand those are the attempts are creating something that’s worth it.


The failures that we face are our stepping-stone towards something beautiful that we will create. And as the image says – “Failure is success in progress.”


What exactly are snap decisions? These are the ones based on gut feelings instead of logical facts. Yes, we all have heard – “just give it a try.” But, it can’t be always true when you’re running a business. In business, you need to make sure that your decisions are ACTUALLY based something instead of gut feeling. That ‘something’ has to be your data, research and insider knowledge.


Sometimes, your gut feeling may be right but it can’t be always true. You can only learn from the facts and experiences out in front of you! That means, you need to work on your business situations based on facts and take the right course of action.


You do know what is the basic ingredient to success in whatever you do? Yes, that’s right it’s – FOCUS! Focus on the right things in your startup. Focus on your game changing plan. Focus on the goals you would love to achieve. Focus on every single aspect of your business.

But sometimes, we all lack focus from our work and need a break. Yes you must take break but, don’t overtake it. Rejuvenate yourself and keep your aspirations in mind to never lose a track of your focus. Keep yourself on track with the goals in mind and how far you want your goals to take you.


The fact is – we all have the same 24 hours of the day. While you think you don’t have enough time or you just have 9-5 time for working, you may skip your success even by a minute. You get 24 hours a day, make sure you work on it well. Skip out 8 hours out of it for your beauty sleep, but rest hours? Work hard. You never know what change that extra hour would bring in your business. Your 5 year plan may even come true with 5 hours of extra work!


The details really do hold you back. When you’re the one trying to manage the micro aspects of your business, you may run into number of micro problems. Yes, it’s nice to solve them all and be perfectionist in every bit of it. But, think about it – would you like yourself to come over these mini micro problems and find no solution to them? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?


So how about trusting the people under you to work out on those micro problems? They know what they’re doing and you need to stop worrying about it! You’ve got a lot more important aspects of business to worry about.


Now you know what your mental blocks are and how you can overcome them! Then, if I ask – how would you see yourself in next 5 years down the lane, what would your answer be? Let me know what your answers would be. Don’t let your mental blocks prevent you from chasing the excellence and perfection you deserve.

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