6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Cut Down On Caffeine!


Caffeine that occur in coffee, tea and in some beverages is a central nervous system stimulant drug. Most of us cannot go the entire day without the cup of coffee or the early morning tea. That is perhaps because of our continuous dependence on tea and coffee which contains caffeine. Prolonged use of caffeine is found to cause addiction in humans. While tea and coffee has many advantages for the human body but it is always advisable to cut down the caffeine intake lest your body may get too addicted to it. And not only that there are several reasons why we think cutting down caffeine is good for you:

Save money-

Before stating the ill effects it has on the body we must state how expensive it is. That should be the primary motto for the entrepreneurs exclude it from their die. Especially if they want to cut down on the daily expenses of the company. You might think how much 5 cups of coffee a day can cost. But if you sit down with the calculator you would be surprised it is actually quite a lot. No harm in spending money but why so much on something that is a potential health threat.

Sleep better-

Not only an entrepreneur, every normal person needs a good 7 hours of sleep to maintain a good healthy and a functional body. And we all know what caffeine does to our sleep. There is reason why our moms made us those late night coffee during our board exams. Caffeine disrupts the sleep cycle of the body and in order to bring back a proper sleep cycle you must immediately cut down on you caffeine. And it is a wrong conception that sleep deprived nights can be made up with a strong cup of coffee the next day, in fact it does more harm rather than fixing up your body.

Hydration problems-

You may think well let me have a cup of coffee, after all it is made of water. But ironically enough caffeine is instrumental is flushing fluids out of your body rather than hydrating it. So please do not think of replacing your water intake with the intake of coffee.

Headache issues-

Yes, caffeine headaches are a real thing if caffeine headaches are a regular problem for you then hydrating yourself with sufficient amount of water is the best solution. And while doing so do not induce your body to anymore caffeine. You will be negating the positive effects of water, making yourself go through the same thing again.

Restore your blood pressure-

Studies have shown how continuous intake of caffeine increases the blood pressure in the body which make the heart work harder. While it may be good for those lazy winter weekdays but high pressure for a continued amount of time is quite harmful for the body. Not only that, in the short term is does no good to your brain too. High blood pressure restricts from blood reaching the brain. Making it dysfunctional. So, no good for the brain as well as the heart. That definitely has to be the deal breaker.

Maintain the waistline-

Now, don’t tell me you survive 5 cups of coffee without sugar. And if you don’t, then imagine the amount of sugar going inside your body. As the busy entrepreneur not only you have no time to hit the gym regularly, on top of that you pushing that kind of calorie inside your body every single day. Hence if you want to maintain your slim waistline do away with the coffee machine right now!

How to replace caffeine

Do not worry, we are here to solve your problem of how to replace the caffeine in your diet. Here are 3 simple ways you can replace the caffeine intake

  1. Replace your cold drinks with club sodas.
  2. Go for the decaf coffee especially post lunch.
  3. Add freshly squeezed fruits juices instead of energy drinks and for the extra dose of energy add other dietary supplements or food products that help you sustain your energy for the day.

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