7 Mistakes To Avoid In eCommerce Business

With technological advancement and savvy online shoppers, the world of business has new dawn as eCommerce has dominated the market over a decade. Thus, this is the reason why eCommerce business can be beneficial for all – no matter how big or small the company is!

However, sometimes most of the companies fail to understand the importance of eCommerce. But with the growing impact of the digital community affecting the way business is done, now is the time to start working on an eCommerce way of selling your products. While eCommerce is not just a trending way of buying and selling your products, it is a flexible solution to run a business online.

For generation of more sales and revenue for your website, we’ve come up with 7 mistakes you MUST avoid in new eCommerce business –

  1. Ineffective Consumer Mentality

When you build a website, it takes a lot of efforts and energy. You simply cannot have a mentality that when you put up a store online you will immediately attract traffic. It takes patience and confidence to promote oneself in a digital world.


Imagine, there are hundreds, thousands or more websites online, so how will one find yours? You need to realise launching a website is the first step towards your dream, and there are many more steps ahead.

  1. No Logo

As we say, the first impression is the last one, so how thoughtful would you like to create yours? The logo is the first thing that reflects your website in front of the audience. Many times, eCommerce owners build their website but don’t put up a logo. Somehow, it creates a wrong impression and destroys the trust.

Ever wondered why people don’t add a logo? That is because they think logo creation can be heavy on their pockets. But, that’s not at all true and in fact, there are certain free logo creation websites and freelancer who would do this work for you in your budget.

  1. Desktop-Only Site Design

Undoubtedly, mobile audience is very important for your company’s future in the digital community. A mobile responsive design is not only the requirement but a necessity for every eCommerce website. This is why you can’t shy away from the mobile users.


The eCommerce websites which are not optimizing the potential of mobiles, they are surely missing out their targeted sales. Therefore, it is essential for all the eCommerce owners to make mobile-friendly sites for the targeted audience.

  1. No Utilization of Social Media

Social media has always been the most important strategic approach for any eCommerce company. As an online shopper, we often look for reviews about the product or service and no reviews can be a concern. So, you can always leverage the power of social media as it creates loyal consumer base with increasing reviews and social presence of the website.


“Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users and 1.09 billion daily active users, on average” -Hootsuite

Also, start with promoting your social media pages and earn decent followers. The number of followers on these pages becomes an important trust indicator among potential buyers. So, don’t ignore social media and utilize it completely to engage customers with the brand.

  1. No Contact Information

The greatest mistake you can ever make in digital community is hiding your contact information. It is crucial for you to provide essential details like customer care number, email address and office address to build trust factor and reputation of your website.

Hiding contact information will make buyers suspicious about your products and company. Because of that, you lose trust in the eyes of the potential buyers. You need to be prepared to answer any queries and approach feedbacks to engage your customers.

  1. Insufficient Product Description

Listing of products with good quality images leads to the generation of sales as customers understand what they’re buying. Similarly, product descriptions are the leading indicator for a client to purchase a product. You must provide product descriptions covering all the points including the answer for why one must buy the product.


Make the buying decision easy for a client with the help of description and images. Visuals and descriptions create a great traffic generation eventually leading to the sales.

  1. Poor SEO Strategy

The optimization of the site for search is the most important factor that leads to conversion rates. If, your site is not showing up when people search for your products, then you must take SEO strategizing seriously. Search Engine Optimization is very crucial if you want to outgrow your competitors and really generate revenue out of sales.


So for good SEO strategy you need to ensure good keyword research, great website structure, proper inbound links, product category architecture, effective call-to-action and quality content. Be a smart entrepreneur, invest your time, efforts and dedication building powerful strategy.


It is true that building an online business is the second name for hard word. But, if you know the essential techniques and keep in mind which mistakes should be avoided, your eCommerce business can foster sales and engage more long-term customers.

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Puneet Bhalla

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