7 SEO Tips to Boost your Content Marketing Strategy


In the past few years, there has been a huge growth in the content marketing space due to the upsurge in the usage of social media and blogs. Although many are of the opinion that SEO has lost its charm and doesn’t significantly impact a business, it is far from the truth. Google is seeing more number of searches than ever and this number shall always increase. Businesses, with the right techniques, are quite successful in generating leads from search engines and this is possible only by doing effective SEO with a strategic content marketing.

Below are a few tips and tricks for you to grow your website’s search engine ranking and boosting your content marketing strategies by doing what matters.

Context is as important as content

Some content marketers have this wrong notion that just filling up a piece of content with trending keywords can do the job for you. However, Google is smarter than all of us and it gives a lot of importance to context. It cares deeply about what the user is looking for and tries to match up to their expectations. Users might not be able to express what they mean but Google is smart enough to understand the context of their words. Thus, all your content marketing efforts must be contextually right along with being rich in informational content.


Research your keywords

When you research your keywords, you do more than that and actually research the market. You get to know exactly what people are looking for. Once you get to know what your target users are up to, you can then create content with those keywords incorporated naturally in them. This is like reverse engineering your search engine ranking and is highly important if you want to rank high. Without researching the keywords, you would target the wrong ones and it will be of no use even if you rank high. So, it is important to properly research your keywords before you implement them in your content.


Choose your content format

This is a huge decision you will make every time you try to do content marketing. Users love all kinds of content but it is about finding what your target users love. If you get successful in a particular content format, you must keep doing it but also explore new opportunities that the other content formats have to offer. Videos are all the rage these days and social media has given a huge boost to it. If your audience likes your videos more than they like your blogs, it is time to share more videos with them. Do what they are fond of and you will keep them happy and come back to you. You can also mix up the content formats and see how it goes with your audience.

Craft conversational content

If you see the data of many Google searches and keyword trends, the focus is shifting towards conversational questions. With its efforts in AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as machine learning, Google is focusing on providing accurate search results based on conversational questions. This led to a huge change in how people created content, they started changing the way they write. They began to create conversational content that made the reader feel as if they are talking directly to them. So, you can try explaining complex topics in simple layman’s language and people will definitely be attracted to it. Moreover, Google will be more interested in your content if it is reader friendly.


Watch the demographics

There is no point in targeting keywords no matter how popular they are if the demographics are something completely different from your target market. Very few people understand the importance of targeting through demographics of the keywords. You can use Google’s keyword planner or any other tool of your choice to see how each of your target keywords is performing in a particular demographic specific. After you do this, you will have a list of all the keywords that you must target based on the people who will view it. Match it with your target audience and decide on what keywords you must focus on.

Frequency of the content

In the online world where the attention spans are drastically dropping and the rush of new content is explosive, your content needs to stand out but more importantly, your content must be visible to your readers from time to time. This can only be achieved by trying what works for you. If too much content is making people unsubscribe or unfollow you, you must go with lesser content. If the opposite happens, you must boost it up. There is no one formula for this but ideally, you need to come up with new content every now and then to have your users engaged.

Publish well researched and in-depth content

Nothing beats the engagement level of a well researched and insightful piece of content. There might be various things to consider when you decide to put out a long form heavy information article in front of your audience. Try writing on a topic that resonates widely with your target audience. It has been seen in various reports that long articles perform better than the short ones on all fronts, whether be it bounce rates, social media shares, engagement or even search engine rankings. It is a false notion that people believe wrong articles are boring, people who want to seek information on a particular subject usually like well researched long articles.



The trends and technicalities of SEO keep changing but there are a few things that are always important and we have covered those above. No matter how Google changes their algorithms, they will always value the above things because users will always care for those things. Getting content marketing right is not difficult when you know what the best content marketers know. Leveraging the power of SEO into content marketing is the way to go and by following this 7 SEO tips, you will definitely love the results of your efforts.

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