7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Daily Commute!


Pushing your way through the crowded buses, squeezing your way into the metro. The daily commuting experience is the one thing which every office goer hates the most. It is the most unenjoyable part of the day and it seems like a total waste of time and energy. But what if we could tell you that you could actually make use of your daily commuting time and make the most of your day.

Sleep the extra hour

Well, it is the one thing that forms an essential ingredient to the healthy body. For people who have to wake up early in order to catch the early train, you could make most of your traveling time but sleeping the extra few minutes on the bus or on the train. This way you don’t have to grumble about having to lose your sleep and you feel refreshed and energetic by the time your reach your workplace. Hey, but make sure you don’t miss your stop while sleeping on the bus. You don’t want to wake up from your nap and then realize that your office was half an hour back somewhere where the conductor kept yelling at you while you were busy snoring in your seat.


Set up short goals

For the ones who don’t like to sleep or rest in public places, another great way to make use of your traveling hours is set up short goals and fulfill them. For example, watch the episode of your favorite series on your phone that you missed last week, plan out your entire week’s ‘to do’ list’ download fun applications like Sudoku chess and other interesting games available on our smartphones. This way your get utilize your time in a productive manner.

Download podcasts

Some people prefer to start their day without any physical or mental activity. They just want to relax enjoy a comfortable ride to their office. So a great way to make your ride more fun is to catch the daily podcasts and listen to them while you are traveling. In this way, you don’t have to utilize your work hours for doing personal things and you can enjoy your ride without having to invest physical or mental labor.


Read a book

Now it is needless to list out the innumerable advantages of reading a book. Well, reading a book also comes to rescue who do not wish to spend their valuable hours of their day traveling and staring at the fellow passengers. You do not necessarily have to carry the fat books to your office, eBook reader and a kindle are technology’s greatest gift to book lovers. Those long hours in the buses and metro will seem to pass away in a jiffy when you are hooked on to your favorite author.


Head start your work

Make sure you upload your unfinished work on google drive while you leave from work the previous day. In this way, you can make use of your time and finish your pending work before you reach your workstation on that day.


Exercising is a great way to make some productive use of your traveling time. By this, we don’t suggest you carry your gym mats and start your yoga while waiting for your train. What you can do is, instead of taking the bus or the metro, leave early from your house and walk to your office. You can also use your cycle to reach your office. Not only do you do your bit to control the global pollution by chucking the public transport, you also get the flat tummy to flaunt in front of your colleagues and friends.

Networking, start conversations, make new friends

Sad news for introverts, though, but for the ones who are outspoken and love to talk and interact with people, the long commuting hours in a day are a great time to build new friendships and interact with people. Use your conversational skills to strike up interesting conversations with people traveling with you. Sharing stories and discussing over social issues can be a great way to make use of the commuting hours.

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