8 Effective Email Marketing Tips To Boost Sales


Email marketing is one of the best online marketing methods which is useful to promote the brand and create awareness about different products or services a company has to offer. This method of marketing is cost-effective and easy to manage. To help your company grow, we provide you with 8 effective email marketing tips that will boost your company’s sales and build trust among your customers.


Prepare a list

E-mail marketing is a great marketing channel with which a company can promote its brand. The first step in creating effective email marketing campaign is to prepare an e-mail list. To prepare a list, you need to acquire e-mail contacts and to acquire contacts you have to follow some basic methods. You can create a “pop up with a discount coupon” window that will appear as soon as someone opens your site or clicks on a CTA button on your site. Organising contests can also boost your e-mail contacts as contests generate a large number of signups which in turn provides emails of participants. There are many other methods with the help of which you can increase your contacts like giving away free content and asking for the email address to access your site among others.


Keep your email content simple

With hundreds of companies looking for potential buyers for email marketing, it is important to design an email content that is simple and doesn’t confuse readers. Many readers come across emails which are designed in such a way that it becomes difficult for readers to understand what the company is trying to inform. To keep it simple, you can either break the content into short paragraphs or add relevant images that explain your offer easily. Always remember, your major information shouldn’t be mentioned, at last, it should be at the top of the email. One can also include referral link with the email for additional information about any offers.

Welcome email

If you are about to send an email to someone new, always remember to drop a “welcoming email” before sending your promotional email. Your welcome email should consist of company’s profile or offers that will influence people to visit your site and make their first purchase or information about future emails. To make it more easy for someone new, you can also provide option form attached with the mail that allows them to make a decision on whether they want to continue with future emails or not. Also, one can provide the incentive to subscribe in the form of offers or discount coupons on their first purchase. Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe link in the email.

Focus on their problem

The best way to initiate a sales deal is to first understand their problem. After analysing their problem, the next step is to provide them with the benefits of the products or services you are offering and how it will solve their problem. This will help to build strong relations with customers and ensure their loyalty. Also, to capture their interest, one can tell a good story that is relevant to their problem which will be helpful to initiate the conversation further and explain the effectiveness of the offered product. Always try to respond in short and appealing manner so as to avoid any second thoughts in the mind of customers.

Assure privacy of customers’ personal information

There is nothing other than privacy that will prevent a customer to choose your brand over your competitors. Your company should assure the customers that their personal information is safe and will never be leaked in any manner. With every email you send to them, include a privacy statement at the bottom so as to make them aware as to how serious your company is with regards to the privacy of the customer’s information. Promising your customer that their e-mail addresses will not be sent out to third parties will not only build trust for the company but also ensures loyalty. Always mention with the email that the content is confidential and shouldn’t be forwarded to the third party.

Be specific

When creating a mail, one must see to it that the subject is attractive enough to gain the attention of readers. Without a proper subject, a reader will not open your mail. Once they have opened your mail, they should be able to figure out interesting offers that will create a desire to purchase from your brand. The process will be completed only when you include a link to your website in the mail that will help a customer to make a purchase easily rather than searching on your website for the desired product. It is important to be specific for effective and uninterrupted customer-company communication.

Marketing campaigns

A good email marketing campaign will not only attract new customers but also boost sales of existing customers. A seasonal campaign can be initiated during current or upcoming festivals and events. This type of campaign will only be successful if it is creative enough to attract the customers. You can also run a cart abandonment email that is designed in such a way that it will automatically contact people who have shown some interest in buying a product from your site. Cart abandonment emails are highly used in e-commerce sector where you will find the facility to put items in a basket. Marketing campaigns are necessary to initiate a good customer-company relation and boost sales.

Effective analysis

Analysing your email effectiveness through free analytics provided by email service providers will help a marketer to prepare more customer oriented email content. This analysis informs you about three vital information, one is the effectiveness of your email subject which determines the number of people who opened your email and who didn’t, other one tells a marketer that how many took action on the email sent and the last one is about unsubscription information that tells about the ineffectiveness of the email.

Final Say

Email marketing should be practised by every company, especially new ones in the market as it is inexpensive and has the capability to attract many customers within a short period of time. The only key to successful email marketing is patience and creativity along with these 8 simple tips mentioned above. So, use these tips and realise how powerful email marketing is.

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