8 Ways To Finance Your Next Business Venture!


Many times, great business plans fail to be executed for the lack proper funding. While the young minds of the nation are flooded with brilliant ideas but unfortunately often they fail to succeed due to the lack of proper funding. Any business, big or small needs a secure funding. While many choose to start with a self-funding but for some they are not a wise option especially business that require large scale capital needs. Below, we have listed some easy ways to finance business ventures:


There exists many crowdfunding websites where potential investors as well as businessmen enroll into. As your job as an entrepreneur seeking funds, all you need to do is upload a PDF file of your business plan along with a monetary goal and a short description of your business. Investors seeking to invest can browse through the bio of your company may contact you accordingly. Do not forget to upload a link or video introducing yourself. Crowdfunding helps in crating multiple investors and often help you produce surplus investing capital if done correctly.


Venture Capitalist Investment

Venture capitalist are a good option but off late it has been seen that they are not willing to invest on startups. Also, when you approach a venture capitalist you should put much detailing in your course of action in the coming year as well as your target in the following 5 years to come. Along with that convincing a venture capitalist is tougher than you think, work on your convincing skills all the more. They need a clear explanation so as to why and how your business idea fills the gap in the industry and ways they benefit the masses.

Financial projections

This includes business planning with a financial adviser in order to create financial projection in terms of profits, earnings and also growth. This should only be aided all kinds of hard data and proper facts. This takes into account sections of your business plan that keep into mind goals, hopes of future earnings, and ways to finance the business.

Small Business Loans

A small business loan or SBA is also a great way to finance your business. Such loans are granted by taking into consideration personal credit rating. Before you make your final appeal to the bank make sure you follow these steps. First, do provide a copy of your business plan as well as your financial projection. Next, run through your presentation in front of your financial adviser to ensure you have put the correct data and finally have a proofread done in front of a finance expert.



Before you decide on using your savings you can also consider the ROBS option, or the rollover as business startup options. If you have a retirement fund, you can consider using it in order to finance your business. You may have to pay a penalty for using these funds before their designated withdrawal time but they are still a better option than withdrawal from your savings account.


It is the sort of self-funding method that involves withdrawing from your continuous earnings, savings account and available cash in your account. This is helps in the growth of the business in a controlled way as you can manage your dealing according to the current available cash in your account.


Contacting the prominent local investors

An ideal group of investors for startups are the prominent local investors. Take your unique idea, make a short video presentation and mail it to the local investors and if they like your presentation you may schedule a meeting to further discuss your business plans. In the age of tech startups your unique idea may create a stir among the investors.

Angel Investors

They are the best case scenario in terms of investors. Angel Investors are the ones that have nothing to do with your business. They will just put their money on your business and also give you a return on investment. Friends and family usually comprise of these angel investors but many people choose not to involve their family and friends into monetary matters lest it may ruin relationships. But that too can be avoided if you religiously put aside a portion of your savings as a monthly payback to your angel investors.

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