9 Companies That Are Helping Your Social Media Presence Grow Online!


Sorry guys, creating an account in Facebook and posting once in a while is not going to help your social media presence any noticeable. Social media has shown tremendous growth and can no longer be neglected. Nowadays it takes hard work t build up a social media presence. You should be well aware of your audience, should be aware of tricks like hashtags and keywords that catch the audience’s attention, social media icons on the website or on your blog. There exists some companies who have made our life easier in terms of marinating our social media presence:


This social media monitoring app notifies you whenever you or any of your competitors in the industry is up on real time. You can categorize these mentions as positive or negative mentions and along with it also helps you identify influential social media users and help you connect with them. this app comes with a 14 day free trial and subsequently 49$ a month (3200 INR)



This app gives you the facility to schedule posts according to different time zones. It also gives you analytics and a review of your different marketing campaigns. Buffer has a free package along with a 10$ business package(660 INR)



A multi beneficial tool has the primary use of managing business to business social media campaigns. It also helps you schedule updates, track your performance in campaigns and share social media messages. Oktopost comes with a 200$ monthly subscription (12500 INR). The best part is you can integrate it in Customer Relation Management and with your salesforce.

Sprout Social

This tool helps you to queue, schedule and publish content across all social media channels. It also helps you monitor your campaigns. But its added specialty is its extreme user friendly nature along with a simple and powerful interface. Subscription charges start from 59$ a month (3900 INR)


This DIY special tool helps manage and implement special twitter tools that are best suited for your brand. You can select your audience on the basis of their interests, language and location and this tool will find out the exact kind of audience for you to target. Jooicer is basically a ‘twitter-made-easy’ tool.
Subscription charges are 59$ a month (3900 INR)


It is a nifty community management tool that comes to aid in areas like identifying industry influences, top customers on Facebook and Twitter; that further lead us to identify who to follow or not follow. And all this helps you form Twitter analytics and Twitter lists. No subscription charges for Commun.it


Quue takes cares of a very necessary, tedious and time consuming job of content curation. Quuu comes with the specialty that it generates hand-curated content based on categories you and your audience will most be interested in. you can send all these lists to your Buffer account and then schedule further updates. One can sign up for Quuu for free of cost.


It is almost a super tool in terms of managing social media presence. Social media, sales, support, analytics. Cyfe takes care of each and everything. One can sign up for Cyfe free of cost but in order to avail its premium orders one has to pay 19$ a month (1260 INR)


‘If this then that’ tool or popularly known it as IFTTT, takes take care of the complicated and expensive job of social media automation. This app is as cool as it sounds. It helps create ‘recipes’ so that we know which apps work the best to finish a task. IFTTT has a total of 289 services and guess what they are all for free once you sign up for it.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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