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Absolute Tea

Tell Us Something About The Store Owner-The Brain Behind The Brand?

The brain behind Absolute Tea has been Jayant, a graduate from Gauhati University. I was heading to become an accountant, until Tea grabbed my full attention. I love my Sports, Travel & Quizzing! Having grown up in a house where my Dad’s into tea since long, Tea is my passion, always looking to know more about it!

How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Creating Your Own Store?
Tourists. In fact, a Czech couple who came to my dad’s retail outlet. They asked for a wide array of Tea. We had only heard about such varieties. However, it was not available. Then the lady quipped, “You grow so much tea here, why no tea culture?” That was when this idea struck into my mind and I set out finding people in Assam who like to experiment with Green Tea, White Tea and Organic Tea. The emergence of eCommerce coupled with the passion for Good Tea. This led to the creation of Absolute Tea!
What Is So Unique About Your Online Store?
Absolute Tea aims to bring to the fore the Real Quality of Indian Tea, which mostly gets exported or ends up in some consumer blend. We would also look to promote the Handicrafts of the North-East by incorporating it within our Gifting Range!

What Were The Major Challenges Did You Face While Starting Up?
Since, I had just started up in the tea business, the challenges were unique to me. First was to get proper information on who is doing what in tea, because tea is such a vast and unorganized space that proper and reliable information is really hard to get.

Any Learning You Want To Share With Fellow Entrepreneurs?
Be Steady and Patient. The road isn’t easy. Price your products and plan your outreach in advance!

How Was Your Experience With KartRocket?
The experience started off nicely, got better with the going live expert helping me out with my queries pretty efficiently. Even the continuing support seems excellent. A special word of appreciation for Reepika, who has made opening a store, operating it a breeze. The new back end looks swanky and I hope things continue to get better!

If your day is incomplete without tea, then Absolute Tea is your need. It is the perfect online store where you not only find the best Indian tea, but also come across an amazing tea culture.

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