Why The World Is Going Crazy For “Google’s Allo – A Smart Messaging App”?

Messaging has taken a new form in the past few years. With the launch of apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Line and WeChat, messaging has been more than just communicating via simple texts. Google, a brand known for its innovative approach to anything that it touches has launched a fresh new app to cater to your messaging needs and they call it Allo. With the market brimming with so many messaging apps, what new can Google offer? This has been the prime question in the minds of every user ever since its launch. When Google already has Google Hangouts which serves the same purpose then why having would they want another competing app? Well, by the end of this, you’ll perhaps have an answer to this.

Before we jump to the features of Allo, let’s take a quick overview on Allo as an instant messages platform.

The good

  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Features a digital assistant
  • Incognito mode erases conversations
  • Supports end to end encryption

The Bad

  • Video calling not supported
  • Limited Features
  • No control over read receipts

Bottom Line

It’s just been days that Allo has entered the market, so there are obviously going to be some limitations, and drawbacks. But it’s all knowing Google Assistant bot definitely sets it ahead of the competitors.

Features of Allo

Not just the developers but some experts, reviewers and users have also labelled Allo as smart messaging app. You may be wondering, why? Here let’s take a list of the features that well justifies its smartness.

The Google Assistant

Called by many as Android’s answer to iOS’s Siri, this artificial intelligence assistant is everything you want it to be. It is informative, witty, funny at times and most importantly intelligent. Google is back in the artificial intelligence domain after Google Now and relies heavily on its technology for Allo. The Google assistant is available just as a preview edition but has answers to almost all your queries. Also, it makes a nice companion if you ever get bored. Google wants you to use it as your personal assistant and by the looks of it, they are putting a whole lot of efforts into the assistant.

google allo

Search within messages

This is something brilliantly implemented in Allo. Many a times, you need to close a chat app and then search for something online to respond back to the person you are communicating with. Now with Google Allo, you need to just type in @google within the message and the assistant answers you. This seems to be a great feature with various use cases in day to day lives. Google is trying to make it easier for you to search for things you would like within the chat itself and it’s extremely convenient.

google allo

Auto Suggestions

Auto suggestions is something Google is quite focused on. It wants to reduce the time and effort you spend while typing a text and it does this brilliantly. Even suggestions in your normal language show up once you start chatting enough. For instance, if you have been using too much Hindi while communicating, Hindi word suggestions, based on the words used by you will also show up. Since it is purely based on artificial intelligence, the auto suggestions are quite natural, usable and surprisingly good.

Picture recognition

Google proved its capability of handling pictures intelligently by way of its Google Photos last year and it continues to amaze us with Allo as well. When someone sends you a picture, you will receive automatic suggestions based on what the response to the picture can be. This is astonishing for the users who see it for the first time ever. The suggestions are almost accurate all the time and they will keep becoming better over time.

Doodling on pictures

Before you send someone a picture, Allo gives you the ability to doodle on pictures. This comes handy on various occasions and is something users expect from a messaging app.


New text formatting

There are features to make your text bold or italic but to make your text large or small is something unique in Allo. It lets you express what you mean by changing the size of the text. There are two options where you can make your text larger than usual and the other where you can make the text look smaller than the normal font. This is an interesting feature that will be adopted by many while chatting.

Incognito chats

This is Google’s way of ensuring privacy for the users as they enable end to end encryption in this section. Also, you can set a time limit to the chat after which it will disappear. The feature is great for a particular set of users who want to have a quick private chat without letting others know even if they open the app.


The big challenge to Whatsapp

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the number one messaging app in the world courtesy its user base equivalent to popular of several countries combined. But if you notice, none of the unique features listed above are available on Whatsapp, as of today. Thus, Allo certainly has some serious advantages on its side when it comes to futuristic features. Artificial intelligence is surely going to be huge and Allo makes the most out of it. Also, it comes from Google, the powerhouse of internet, you surely have a bigger name to trust. Even Whatsapp is acquired by Facebook and it has the company’s backing but Google can harness its technological power to do something really innovative in this space.

Presently, Whatsapp and FB messenger lead the messaging bandwagon by a huge margin and Allo has just entered the race, but it definitely has a long way to go. Allo holds the capability to overtake them both if the app is steered the right way.

Google has already made it clear that they won’t introduce voice and video calling options in Allo unlike many other chatting apps. Rather, Google has also launched another app called Duo for the same purpose. Certainly Google is eyeing to integrate both of these apps in the future to create a seamless experience for users. With such innovative features and a futuristic approach, Allo might prove to be a strong challenge to Whatsapp as well as other market leaders in the messaging apps category.

Privacy and Security

This is where Whatsapp comes into the forefront as it has recently announced that they are making the whole app end to end encrypted. This was a great move concerning the privacy of the users. One of the startling revelations that Google did was to mention that Allo is not end to end encrypted. Which in layman’s language means, Google can see all the data that you share in the form of text, pictures, videos or anything else through Allo. Activists like Edward Snowden have also voiced their concerns over Google Allo as they term it highly unsafe for those who care about their data privacy.

Whatsapp will definitely lead in this segment and Allo may never be able to catch up with it since artificial intelligence requires data and end to end encryption means no data to feed at all. No one would like their texts to be monitored and thus, Google must come up with privacy policies that respect a user’s privacy.

Wrapping up

For the next few years, Whatsapp seems to be winning the messaging war by maintaining its lead. However, Allo will definitely get a set of users who are enthusiastic about the unique features that the app provides. People who don’t care much about their privacy will not have any issues using Allo as their primary online messaging app. In the future, Google may also keep Allo as the default messaging app on all the Android smartphones which is basically 80% of the market. It could be a game changer if this happens and also a fine integration with Google Duo will boost many users for the app.

Hopefully, Whatsapp will continue to be simplistic and quick enough to use in the future too. They definitely need to boost up their features to compete with something like Allo, which will soon become a personal assistant for people along besides just being a regular smart messaging app. No matter which app you use for messaging, Google Allo is definitely worth a try.

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