We Have Moved Some Of Our Apps & Widgets to a New Position!

We’ve done some changes in our admin panel, few of our apps have now been moved to a new location. This is done to increase the ease of access & group similar functionalities together.

2 type of changes have taken place:

  1. Changes in Left menu– We have re-shuffled and introduced new sections – Inventory Channel, Sales Channel, and Checkout Rules.
  1. Re positioningof few Apps and widgets in their respective categories

Why this is being done?

This has been done so that you can easily access the modules in the admin panel and also to highlight the features and tools that KartRocket is providing. This creates proper differentiation between all the features.

Below is the list of the apps whose position have been changed:

ModuleOld LocationNew Location
Product GroupingApps -> ToolsCatalog -> Product Grouping
EnquriesLeft menuCustomers -> Enquiries
Mobile websiteLeft MenuSales Channel -> Mobile Website
eBay IntegrationApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Market Place
Amazon IntegrationApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Market Place
MagentoApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Shopping Cart
Magento V2Apps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Shopping Cart
Shopify OrdersApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Shopping Cart
Prestashop ConnectorApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Shopping Cart
Woocommerce SyncApps -> SalesInventory Channel -> Shopping Cart
AffiliatesLeft menuMarketing -> Affiliates
Create CouponCoupon -> Add CouponCoupons & Vouchers -> Coupon
Manage Gift VouchersApps -> ToolsCoupons & Vouchers -> Gift Voucher
PortfolioApps -> ToolsAdvance Features
VqcodeApps -> ToolsAdvance Features
Custom RegistrationApps -> ToolsAdvance Features
Form BuilderApps -> ToolsAdvance Features
Manage Robots.txtSEOSEO -> Upload Files
manage SitemapSEOSEO -> Upload Files
Google PublisherApps-> MarketingSEO
Shipping RulesLeft MenuRules -> Shipping Rules
Payment OptionsLeft MenuRules -> Payment Options
Pincode RestrictionPayment OptionsRules -> Checkout Rules
Transaction FeeOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
Cart RulesApps->ToolsRules -> Checkout Rules
Low Order FeeOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
Gift WrappingOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
Handling FeeOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
Reward PointsOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
Pin code wise Transaction FeeApps -> ToolsRules -> Checkout Rules
Gift VoucherOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules
CouponOrder TotalRules -> Checkout Rules

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Puneet Bhalla

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