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Tell Us Something About The Store Owner-The Brain Behind The Brand?

The brain behind Art Godaam is Sri Shisir Kumar Jena. Since childhood, I had an inclination towards art & craft, song and literature. I have received training in Pattachitra (traditional paintings of Orissa) and mastered the skills of that particular form of Art. Though pursuing higher education and earning myself a degree in MBA didn’t keep me away from his interest in Art. Apart from the Job from Corporate sector, I decided to venture into entrepreneurship. So started the story of ART GODAAM.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Creating Your Own Store?

I always had a strong inclination towards art and craft and always wanted to get associated with it. While interacting with some artists, I came to know that there are many difficulties to get a marketplace to sell and promote their products. Their creation is so good but they don’t get the value of their creation. So, I thought of creating an online market where these artists can promote their work. We had accumulated a huge collection of art and crafts in our home just like a Godaam of art and creations. Therefore, we named it Art Godaam (‘Godaam’ it’s a Hindi word means a place where we stock products.) We were trying some other name but we find it easy. People know the word and it’s easy to remember.

What Is So Unique About Your Online Store?

At Art Godaam, you will find the finest pieces of art and craft from different parts of our own country, which are normally unseen and deprived of its real value. Starting from Home Decor products made up of stone, wood, waste paper, metal (Dhokra castings), golden grass, terracotta, and much more.

What Were The Major Challenges Did You Face While Starting Up?

From our end, the product were not ready for a start up. Also, we took too much time to understand the process because we were new to the online business.

Any Learning You Want To Share With Fellow Entrepreneurs?

Few things that entrepreneurs should make sure to have in them are self confidence, willpower/guts ,working capital management, know your customer, marketplace and complete involvement in the business, especially during the initial stages.

How Was Your Experience With KartRocket?

It’s a very good platform which helped us get into the online business seamlessly. They really helped us get online and create our ecommerce website easily. Special thanks to Reepika who coordinated with us so nicely. Many thanks to KartRocket.

Art Godaam is an amazing platform for various artist, designers and artisan in and around India who brings out the best of their culture and talent through their products. Shop for amazing home decor and handicraft products collected from parts of India and redefine your home and office interiors.

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