Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning and its Uses in Daily Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning and Uses

The world has not come to that stage where machines have started dominating humans but it seems that the process has already started. Nevertheless, machines nowadays have a say and significant influence on the way we eat, sleep, work, live and almost whatever we do from morning till night. Starting from personal assistants, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri to even more advanced and complex platforms, the world is becoming more habitual to these applications and gadgets.

While we do believe that machines are progressing, it also needs to be kept in mind that they have not evolved fully. A lot of companies still do not believe in the end-to-end usage of machines.

What exactly is the meaning of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

This again is a matter of debate and discussion. Some say that Artificial Intelligence is a piece of software that has some kind of specialized algorithm that responds according to pre-defined user behaviors or inputs. However, to some, AI is a kind of machine learning that has the ability to learn on its own and acts as a neural network that can connect and come up with conclusions based on behavior.

Nevertheless, one aspect that needs to be agreed upon is that AI can get smarter and better.

Premier companies like Google and Apple have already started introducing revolutionary changes based on AI. However, a lot of us are still not much aware of AI and its effects all over the world.

The following are some of the areas where artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in our daily life:

  • Virtual Personal Assistants: These platforms help users to find useful information through voice search. Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana are some popular applications. Based on the information that you provide, the assistant finds results that are relevant to it. It also interacts with different other commands for better answers. It strives to learn more about the user and comes up with responses tailored to the preferences.
  • Video Games: This is where AI is being used quite a lot. The effectiveness has increased along with time. The gaming characters learn your playing behavior and respond accordingly. Some of the finest examples of AI have been done in first person shooter games like Call of Duty.
  • Smart Cars: Smart cars have brought about a revolution in the transport sector. Some of the notable examples are the autopilot cars by Tesla. Google has also come up with an algorithm where self-driven cars drive in the automatic mode like humans. The basic idea is that cars will make decisions on their own while driving just like humans.
  • Online Customer Support: Artificial Intelligence is also being used to provide customers with an opportunity to chat. However, in this case, a machine may chat with the customer and respond according to the queries. Advanced chatbots are equipped with automated responders that extract knowledge from the database and respond to customers according to the requested query.


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