Backlinks: The Metric Indicating the Growth of the Website

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The strategic process of implementing Search Engine Optimization is essential to increase a number of visitors to a website by obtaining high-ranking placement in the search engines. Strategic SEO ensures the accessibility of the site to be found on the search engines. And there’s a good chance that you’ve read the word “backlinks” whenever you search SEO. So, let’s have a look at why link building is important-

“Backlinks” are the sites that link to your site for more exposure and high ranking in search engines. These backlinks are the supreme ranking factor in most of the search engines. For instance, the more authoritative website that links your website will generate better ranking in search engines and thus, better audience reach too. These Inbound Links (IBLs) are the indication of the popularity of the website in hundreds, thousands or more similar websites.

When search engines look for calculating the relevance of the website to a keyword, they check the number of quality backlinks to the website. You must understand the traffic to your website is directly related to the quality of inbound links it has. Certainly, there are thousands of similar websites, but yours should come over good ranking to be showcased on the first page. For this, you’ve got hundreds of ranking factor but, IBL’s represent the most important metric for SEO.

Now, the quality backlinks or inbound links are considered very hard to gain. But they shouldn’t be that tricky. In fact, there are smart ways to build backlinks from the authoritative websites to generate online sales. Here are the top 5 smart ways to earn/build backlinks to your website:

5 Smart Ways to Earn/Build Backlinks to Your Website

  1. Create Backlinks through Infographics

The technique involves bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable backlinks. Infographics work great because they are easy to understand and most popular viral content to share. With an increasing form of compelling content, people naturally love it. That’s why the demand for infographics has always been on an increasing point.


So now, choose your infographics carefully and these must convey an interesting message to your audience. To make the selection of your infographics, it is essential to research on the trending topics. So, research and gather data for your sharable content.

  1. Take Advantage of Guest Blog Posts

The more you guest blog, the more new audience you can reach. Hence, it is considered as the most effective way of driving traffic to your website through backlinks. The published articles on another website will give you more exposure to the new audience.  We can also consider guest blogging as a way of building an online reputation on the social media.


So now, while publishing your article on a guest blog, you are linking to your social profiles. This will make it easy for the reader to follow you and clarify doubts, if any.

  1. Promote Your Product Reviews

Product reviewing by bloggers is one of the most popular technique for earning backlinks and high-quality traffic to your website. This technique also focuses on more exposure and new audience generation on the website.


So now, focus on blogs you would like to get your product reviewed by. Build a connection with the blogger and ask for a product review. This will definitely gain new audience on the website through backlinks on product reviews.

  1. Contact Press- Journalists and Important Bloggers

When you spread the word about your business, that’s when you get links to your website. The best way to do this is by outreaching journalists and bloggers through email. Now, you might think ‘how will I get someone’s email ID?’ Believe it or not, that’s not the tough task.


So now, you can search the email ID on their blog in the ‘Contact’ section or you can connect with them over social media. You must also consider that your email or message should be precise and on the point because nobody has time to read boring and long messages.

  1. Build Quality Internal Links

Great content would be of no use unless you know about to build quality internal links. The key factor of any successful blog is their approach to internal links. For this great technique you can use anchor texts and good linking structure.


So now, you must provide internal linking (unless you are running a blog on WordPress, which automatically does that) and help users to navigate your website easily enhancing the user experience.  


Building quality backlinks can be tricky, but using appropriate techniques and resources can help in finding quality link building opportunity. Also, remember that any SEO strategy is incomplete without building quality backlinks and keeping track of them. Finally, implement SEO strategy using the right resources for your website keeping your competitors in mind.

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