Convert Each Customer Into Your Advertiser Through Baggout App

Let us ask you one question – What is the best form of marketing? We are 100% sure that you would agree with us – “Word of Mouth” is the best form of marketing which is possible for any business.

Baggout’s “Share a Purchase” app helps you get free word of mouth marketing by giving a cashback incentive to your customers. The customer receives Rs. 50 Cashback (sponsored by Baggout) just for sharing the purchase which means that significant proportion of your customers will end up sharing and advertising your business on Baggout and Facebook for FREE!!

What is Baggout App

Baggout App is one of the fastest growing Social Commerce companies in India which helps users in choosing the best products online and then pays them cashback on purchasing via Baggout App(Check our coverage here). The platform attracts shoppers who are currently looking to buy so high quality traffic is driven to the partner websites.

How the “Share a Purchase” app works

The app results in the placement of “Share a Purchase” button on the “Thank You” page of your website so that each customer sees the button after completing the purchase.

User Flow –

1. On clicking the button, a window opens (similar to the one shown on right) showing the products which have been just purchased. User can choose the products that she wants to share and add any comments here. User is also prompted to Login through Facebook.

2. User gives Facebook permissions to Baggout.

3. The product is posted on Baggout and Facebook. We don’t post on Facebook in case the user doesn’t give this permission.

4. Rs. 50 Cashback is deposited in user’s profile on Baggout. We give Rs. 50 only on first sharing to safeguard against the user sharing multiple times. User can redeem the amount in cash as soon as Rs. 250 accrue in her account.

Benefits to retailers

Retailers get their customers to spread the word about their products and business on Baggout and Facebook. The retailers, thus, get free exposure on Facebook in addition to the product being promoted amongst Baggout users. Products listed on Baggout are promoted to all the users as well as to the customer’s friends. In essence, it is free marketing to customer’s friends on Facebook/Baggout as well as highly targeted user group of Baggout.

Note: Kartrocket users can install Baggout app to their online store.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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