Benefits of Product Reviews for Your Ecommerce Site

benefits of product reviews

Whether you are running an ecommerce business or an avid online shopper, you must already be well aware of the benefits of product reviews in ecommerce. However, just for the sake proving my point, 64%of customers watch for product reviews or rating before proceeding with its purchase. Surely, product reviews have become an essential part of online retail. They support the credibility of your store products. They accelerate traffic and sales apart from making your brand among the trusted ones.

If we look at the traditional means of marketing, word of mouth is one of the oldest forms. It is highly influential, yet barely cost anything. Today, this old means of marketing has digitized. Social media, product reviews, etc. have taken the place of old person-to-person marketing. Today, the internet has made this marketing tactic reach easily and influence thousands of people online. Let’s look at the advantages of product reviews and why every ecommerce business needs it.

Benefits of Product Reviews:

It Builds Merchant Credibility
Since, ecommerce is a virtual business where your customer cannot interact with you in person. Therefore, it is necessary that your customer trusts you while shopping from your website. They provide you their personal contact information, card information while buying products from your online store. Therefore, they have to be 100% sure. Product reviews build that trust. With them, your customer knows that you are a genuine trader and they won’t get disappointed.

It Enhances Customer’s Shopping Experience.
Many online shoppers make up their mind to buy products after reading its reviews. Nobody wants to blindly buy stuff online. These product reviews are an excellent way to give unbiased information about the product from the people who have already used it. A positive review can trigger your customer by pushing them over the edge to buy that product.

They Are Great Boost for SEO
One of the major reasons that your ecommerce store is still not scoring high on those search engines is because your website has no exception when it comes to SEO. Other than the traditional title, description and URL optimization, search engine spiders look for something else. Product Reviews provide fresh content to your site. If they are keyword rich, then the product page will be easily rank higher.

Even Bad Reviews Are Great For Your Site
Got a bad review on any of your products? Don’t worry! It is actually good for your business. How? Well, firstly, it builds a brand authenticity. Too many good reviews can actually create a doubt in your customer’s mind about your business authenticity. They might even think that the reviews are fake. Bad reviews cancel that doubt.

Secondly, bad reviews are an excellent way of getting feedback, actually both good and bad reviews are. If a customer does not like your product, you can learn what’s been missing and improve that. This will eventually improve your overall business.

So, How To Get These Product Reviews?

While many customer’s voluntarily writes product reviews. If you are unable to get any, you can try the following methods.

1) Send Them An Email, Asking For Feedback.
As soon as any customer buy products, send them a Thank You email along with a feedback form. This form will serve as a product review, which you can put on your site.

2) Offer Reward Points
I came across many ecommerce websites that offers reward point on every product review. After a certain amount of points, they can be used as a discount. The customer will surely write more and more product reviews.

Since, there is no harm. Rather, there are varied benefits of product reviews for your online business. Accept appreciation and criticism with both hands and try to turn a negative review into positive. I will talk about this tricky business and its formula soon on KartRocket blog. Till then, it would be great to know that how you manage product reviews. Do you have any other tips? We would love to know! 🙂


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Saahil Goel

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