The Best SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms for StartUps

SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms

Your online store should have SEO features so that it is ranked sufficiently high by search engines. Without optimization, the purpose of creating an eCommerce site gets defeated and the entire effort gets wasted. Just by claiming a site to be SEO friendly is not enough. Definitive features must be incorporated to make your online shopping store is truly SEO friendly. Be it a hosted eCommerce website, or, a shopping cart, it is essential to compare its SEO features.

SEO Features of an eCommerce Website

  • SEO Friendly URLs – It is always advisable to include keyword rich URLs such as ladies-apparel.html, or genuine-leather.php instead of product.html, or category.php.
  • Granular Page Title – A page title is the single most important SEO aspect for any web page. You must use an eCommerce platform that enables editing of every single page title for your entire website.
  • Search Friendly Navigation Structure – Be it search engines or visitors, both need an easy passage around your eCommerce website. You should have a navigation structure that is based on texts and not images. Superfluous and duplicate links must at all times be avoided. Care must be taken that site navigation could be done without using JavaScript or Flash.
  • Custom Landing Page – Creating a custom landing page with targeted keywords is a must for your eCommerce site. It would help you in reaching out to specific marketing groups.
  • Blog – Content marketing is highly recommended for link building, and a blog is the most effective way of doing it. Your platform should be complete with full-featured blogs allowing social sharing and comment.

Some top rated SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms

  • OpenCart – OpenCart is an open source solution that allows free downloads and usage. For start-up companies or those with limited online marketing experience using OpenCart is cost saving. This platform allows the creation of category meta tags and custom products.
  • KartRocket – This is a paid eCommerce platform (with 14 days trial period) with extensive built-in SEO features, it’s best suited for new startups and homepreneurs. In this platform, H1 tags are provided at page level enabling you to avail of SEO benefits from product related keywords. The flexibility of this platform is its greatest advantage. It allows you to enhance your website as your business grows. It incorporates latest SEO features such as store specific settings, category-specific settings, search engine sitemap generator, and 301 redirect management.
  • OS Commerce – This is another viable option for new eCommerce business owners. This platform is tool-rich and endowed with superior documentation and plug-in facilities. For wannabe retailers, OS Commerce allows you to optimize your website for search engines.
  • Zen Cart – This is also a popular eCommerce platform among retailers who are new to online retailing.
  • Magento – This is amongst the most widely used open source platforms for creating e-
    Commerce websites. This platform enables customization of URLs, a pre-requisite of any successful online retailing forum. Several built-in features allow advanced SEO modifications.


Choosing between these platforms depends on your requirement and preferences. A professional involvement is always advisable for new business owners.

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