Best Tips For Ecommerce Website To Buck Up For This Independence Day

tips for ecommerce website

The season of holidays is approaching quickly. For any ecommerce website, the holiday season should start early. If you run an e-commerce store, then you will definitely understand the advantages that these holiday season renders for your online store. Therefore, one of the most important tips for ecommerce website is to get your online store ready for the most important shopping season. The next big thing approaching for Indian audience is the Independence Day. It is a holiday where everyone wants to be prepared for outings or frequent getaways. Since, there is less than a week left, it is necessary to buck up your online store for maximum sales.

There are many things that an e-commerce store owner may ignore on regular days. But for the holiday season, you just cannot afford to leave even a slightest loophole that will not only hamper your sales, but also sabotages with your reputation. Right from website design to marketing, everything should be in the right order. If everything is executed perfectly, then it will drive a lot more traffic in a short amount of time. Here some of the tips for ecommerce website to make sure that your online store is ready for Independence Day

Plan Before You Go

As it is mentioned earlier, you cannot lose even a slightest chance to miss any sales. Since, spontaneity may spoil the whole party, make sure that you plan the holiday strategy well in advance. Check out the previous year trends and what’s new in the box to draw more attention. Plan your website design and marketing strategy along with budget to avoid last minute hassles.

Get Independence Day Theme For Your Website

Make sure that your website, especially the landing pages, is updated especially for Independence Day. If you are running Independence Day special advertisements, ensure that it is also shown on your landing pages. You can include Indian Flag watermarks on your website, customize your logo and include a banner highlighting Independence Day special offers. Pop-ups are also a good option for instant attraction to the visitors. You can make these changes 1-2 days before to announce Independence Day festive and continue it till 15 August. If you need any help in designing ‘Independence Day Special’ banners or customize your logo for the occasion, then you can sign up with Taskr and assign the task to professional freelancers.

Prepare Your Online Store For Heavy Traffic

Many times, the technical obstacles on your website withdraw many potential customers Check that your landing page loads quickly. Also, make necessary changes to make your online store more user-friendly. Remember that all your planning, advertising and designing will go in vain, if the visitor is unable to find the required product or your website goes offline due to heavy load. Be prepared for this and also keep a technical team ready, in case of any hurdles.

Offer Discounts.

Nothing attracts visitors like special offers or heavy discounts. Check your sales history to know the most popular in recent times. Offer the best possible discounts on those items. Since, it is 67th Independence Day, you can introduce up to 67% discount or shop for Rs. 6700 and get free gifts. Another tip for ecommerce website is to prepare your store for early birds as well as late comers. You can introduce a certain offer for a limited period of time. Also, for the late comers, make sure that you have quick or express delivery options so that the products can be delivered on the same day or next day. For example, Flipkart gives an option of same day or in-a-day delivery options at reasonable prices to attract more audience.

Bundle Up Your Inventory

Make sure that the most popular or discounted products are well stocked in your inventory. If you are unable provide the most popular products in the early hours, then you will not only lose the holiday sales, but also your brand reputation will go down.

Keep Your Marketing Campaign Ready

Proper marketing during the holiday season is extremely important. Make sure that your email and SMS campaigns are ready to send out. Send these atleast 1 days before, so that your target audience is aware of the offers and discounts well in advance.

Allocate Some Budget For PPC

As SEO marketing needs time for better execution, PPC is one of the most effective marketing tool for holiday season. You can optimize keywords, especially for the occasion. For example, if somebody search for women clothes, you can include PPC advertisement saying, “Independence Day Offer: Up to 67% discount on women apparels,” etc. You can run these advertisements for a definite time, as per your needs and budget.

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