Why Blogging Is Important For Content Marketing. How Can It Be A Game Changer?

Having a noteworthy web presence is necessary for eCommerce businesses nowadays to retain their online business spots strongly and to increase the number of web customers for their platform. We all are aware of the fact that Content Marketing has always been the distinguishing point for any business but despite that, most of the online business owners turned marketers ignore this while giving their full concentration on rest of the marketing strategies. As e-market environment is too competitive today with multiple online sellers supplying identical products, the Content Marketing publication can be a great alternative for eCommerce owners to attract and retain a huge number of web audiences as well as to engage them with their brands.

Content Marketing publication can be done via multiple sources that include newsletters, videos, reviews, social media promotions, eBooks, and most importantly by blogging which we are going to discuss further here.

How Content Marketing Helps Your eCommerce Business?


Ecommerce business owners with a small number of the audience or localized business approach might not feel the necessity of blogging and run away from this task. But the fact to consider here is that your number of online audience and customers stay the same until you reach out to the billions of web users with something interesting, which can be only done with appropriate Content Marketing publication. Available search engine statistics suggest that business blogs can be crucial for increasing online traffic for your eCommerce business. In fact, blogging can be one single aspect that will set your whole eCommerce business away from the rest.

Right Kind of Branding & SEO practices


As you share new blog posts on your web profiles, it will drive potential business traffic to your eCommerce website as well brand your business in between industry expert niches. Your blogs may include tutorials, tips, tricks, news or other knowledge sharing details related to your business that your target business audience is searching for, while you can also share sales information which will further boost your SEO statistics. By the use of trending & high traffic keywords in your blog & it on all available broadcast, platforms will drive a lot of genuine traffic. Your eCommerce website will index better in google & attract more and more prospective clients.

Better Customer Engagement


In the growing era of competition attracting customers for purchase on your website is not a cake walk. You should utilize the art of blogging as a medium to get engage with your customers on a continuous basis. You can spread inspirational stories to keep the customers motivated, relevant to your product or industry, or stories related to your industry that clients have shared. Your blog is an additional platform where you can add better visuals to engage your clients. You can easily put videos or pictures that may or may not be directly relevant to your product, which will further direct audiences from different sources to your eCommerce platform.

Best Online Platform for Business Announcements


Even if you opt for e-mail marketing, news mediums, paid ads or have a special corner on your eCommerce website for business announcements, blogs is always a distinguishing place for your visitors and customers to learn your new business announcements, launches, and updates. Blogs are preferred medium because of their non-promotional tone. Blogs follow a pull based approach if your Content Marketing is shareable & worth reading users won’t mind spending time on your website. Viewers can easily place up their queries, interests, and suggestions regarding your products, which will later work as a conversation engagement process to involve clients for future purchase.

Increased Brand Community & Loyalty


As like social media platforms, blogs also allow customers comment on the posts. Ensure to actively respond them with return comments or private messages; which makes your customers feel as they are part of a bigger online community. If you are worried about spam or questionable comments, just set up a comment filter for your blogs and approve the comments you want to display for conversation before they go live. Blogs also play a crucial role in building brand loyalty for an e-business. Your number of retaining customers is likely to be low if you don’t have extreme brand loyalty for your business. Post blogs with an appropriate balance of fun, professional, informative and relevant data, and they will help you build optimum brand loyalty. Also, don’t forget to add your community, social welfare and charity involvements in your business blog posts, as customers are most likely to support and involve in businesses with strong motivation and achievements.

Helps with Viral Marketing & Social Media Efforts


If your blogs have a great deal of information or interesting facts for readers, then there are promising chances that readers will share the link amongst each other, which potentially provides the path for your blog postings to go viral. Even if they don’t achieve thousands or millions of shares, they can easily achieve a much larger portion of the target audience for your eCommerce business. You can easily share your blog posting URLs into your social media posts and other online marketing campaigns with like and share options, which will help you to expand your social media reach easily.

The most important thing to consider here is blogging is a highly effective, but completely free of cost marketing strategy. While eCommerce business owners can choose paid options to promote their blogs, carefully generated blog posts with detailed information and interesting topics don’t need any paid promotion at all. A good piece of blog Content Marketing can attract thousands of eyeballs.

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