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In the age of constant change and crisp updates from every firm and organisation that has an online presence, the need to keep your website lively and updated has risen unexpectedly. No customer wishes to view the same landing page every second day. As a recommended feature for a successful website, Dynamic Widgets are seen as a pivotal tool to enhance the way in which your website operates. Widgets are the most authentic way to keep your content fresh, without the need for acute involvement of your tech team. This simple yet highly useful tool enables you to place new arrivals, trending products and live feed updated on any landing page, as desired.

Also, several dynamic widgets operate in tandem to user requirement by tagging their activity and displaying product matches, expressly as per their product views and related products. In this way, you can get effortless increase in your sales and also improve the way in which your customer purchases your products.

There is a plethora of expressly pertinent widgets available over here that can simplify the way in which your website operates:



Top Selling: Bring up the products, most purchased by customers, in the limelight, so that users can get an idea about what people are purchasing in general. Over time, you will discover that these products have the highest affinity of being again by another user. In spite of the need for a unique choice, users tend to focus their attention towards the trend and follow in the steps of most purchased items. This is also the perfect means to allow users who do not wish to spend time browsing or have the dearth of time to do so, for some reason.

So, for example, if during the Diwali season, indoor lightning and divas are the most sold products, your customer will be able to get information about the same.

Trending products: One thing that you can be sure of is that your customers truly want to stay updated with the products that are most in fashion and are being taken up by people more often. Trending products help a customer in examining closely what other people are shopping for and looking for in the same categories. Customers are more likely to convert their choice from a trending products page to an actual purchase.

So, for example, a particular mobile phone is getting increased number of views during a particular period, your customers will be able to get information of the same and perhaps, go by the trend and buy it as well.


New Arrivals: This is again the best means to keep your customer updated with the fresh introductions in various collections. Customers are inclined to viewing these products with more focus as the idea of a new arrival grabs their attention in terms of uniqueness. Your search engine rankings can also improve significantly this way.


Live feeds: Enable your customers to view a live feed of activity of other users. In this way, your users can keep track of a variety of products. This widget opens up the possibility for a user to explore those sections of the product ranges, which were previously unknown to him. They can view which products have been recently brought by other customers and also what other people are viewing at present.


Recommended products: This widget takes cues from the browsing sessions of the user and previous behaviour, thus generating personalized recommendations for the user. This is the easiest way to let your customer view the products that he is already expecting. If a customer has search history, wish list and category views of Teas, then the widget will help you display the best brands of tea to the customer, so that he can make a purchase instantly.


Recently viewed: Allows customers to view products, based on their most recent browsing history. You can easily allow a customer to recall the products that he was browsing for during the last sessions on the website. So, let’s say that your customer was looking for mobiles on your website but couldn’t make a choice and ended his session on a day. When he returns to the website the next time, he will be able to take a view of the mobiles he had viewed previously, thus increasing the chances that the customer might actually buy it.



Trending products: Let your customers take a view of the products that are making the headlines in the day. Your users are more likely to grab a product from the trending section as they are inclined to purchase products that let them stay in the current fashion. For example, if a particular brand of tea is making the most sales in the category of teas, this widget will display the information for the customer, thus making it easy for him to buy that tea.

New Arrival category page: Let your customers explore the new arrivals in different categories across your product selections and keep your website updated in a manner where your customers can easily get aware of new product arrivals across different categories.

Top selling category page: Every category of product is deemed to have a typical collection of products that are usually bought the most by customers. This can be due to high utility or affliction towards a particular brand or quality of a product. Help your customers in choosing these products, by displaying the top selling products in different category of products.

Trending products category page: Let your customers view the trending products across various product categories. This widget allows a quick peek into the most trending products in different categories of products so that your customers can choose a product across a particular product category, easily and quickly.



Bought products:

Another interactive widget for your Ecommerce platform is the bought together widget. Display an array of products that are generally bought together with a particular product, so that your customer can be introduced to similar products that he can utilise with the first product. This feature allows your sales graph to increase significantly and merits addition to your Ecommerce platform for this sake. For example, while your customer is viewing a particular mobile, this widget will combine products like compatible phone cases or headphones, to display along with the product has brought together products.

Related products:

This widget is perhaps the supreme form of shopping for most users. While ecommerce opens up the chance to view a thousand products in a go, people often fail to make a choice for the best product, in spite of the variety. In this scenario, a related products tab, helps them explore and choose a product that fits their desire for shopping for the product. By displaying similar products, the widget opens up a whole new category of products for the customers, owing to which, many times, a customer also ends up buying products that he never intended to, in the first place. For example, while browsing for a watch of a particular brand, the widget will also display a host of other watches from other brands in the same price range and specifications as entered by the customer.


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Another innovative widget, this one allow your customer to get unasked advice on which products he can consider before actually buying them. For Example, the widget will display several other options in the product category, which will help the customer to move over the product he is presently viewing, in case he cannot make up his mind to buy it.


How can you integrate these in your Kartrocket Store?

  1. Login to your stores admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Marketing Section > Convert Traffic
  3. You will see the list of widgets, just toggle the status On or OFF to activate or deactivate


  1. Widgets can be edited for some basic visibility changes like Heading & Sort Order


  1. Heading is the title of the widget & Sort order is the sequence visible on the front end.


  1. Click on Save for the changes to be saved.

These widgets can be placed through a strategic mapping at specific locations on your website. Depending upon the traffic and user choices, you can make selection form the available widgets and include those that you consider, more appealing to the customer. However, if you consider including all of these widgets on your website, you may do so as well. In any case, the popularity of your products and sales patterns are expected to see a sky high range as soon as you include these widgets as a part of your mainstream operations on your Ecommerce platform.

In order to choose a widget, you can visit the Kartrocket panel and make your selection. The store design section will provide you with access to the different widget features that can be included on your Ecommerce platform. We offer highly customisable options to our customers as well. Modify and amend your widget as much as you like and place it on your website. We offer a very flexible approach for choosing and installing such widgets on your website.


To sum it up, you should really look forward to the rise in your sales, once you install these dynamic widgets on your Ecommerce platform. The growth in sales can be as unprecedented as your belief in the idea of widgets. However, your perception of online sales is set to take a ride when you will see your sales booming after the inclusion of these widgets on your website.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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