How Branded Packaging Experience Will Help You Grow Your Business

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For most of the eCommerce businesses, a very important part of their business to succeed is gaining a new customer. But most of the businesses forget a crucial thing to survive among the competitor and that is retaining the existing customers. If they succeed in retaining an existing customer, there are heavy chances that you may gain new customers as well.

Almost all online retailers focus on marketing tactics and others strategies to increase the sale, but a large no of retailers miss the importance of how a product should be delivered to the customers so that they feel more connected with the company and shop again with them. There are less chances that the company focuses on the packaging of the product and how it is displayed. All that matters is which product is being delivered without delaying.

But if you put yourself in a customer’s shoes, you will notice that the only time when you can grab a customer for the long term is at the time when the product is delivered. The only thing people notice is the packaging because they already know what is it inside the package.

And with an eCommerce company, there are fewer opportunities to interact with the customer that may leave them with the feeling of connectedness, unlike offline marketing.

So, creating a memorable branded unboxing experience can be an excellent step to grow your company at a remarkable pace.


So what is Branded packaging experience?

In a simple way, Branded Packaging Experience is the most detailed and carefully taken step to create an attractive packaging and shipping box in order to display the product in a best possible way. Unlike physical retail, creating a memorable and a shareable packaging experience adds a positive direct touch with customers for the eCommerce businesses.

One of the eCommerce businesses, Trunkclub has taken this branded packaging experience to a whole new level. Instead of using a simple brown box, they have brought a trunk box into the game of shipping products and hence, led their business to stand out from the others. Trunkclub is one of the eCommerce business which has used the unboxing experience to connect with their customers.

Why Branded Packaging Experience Is Important For Business?

It might seem easy to gain a new customer, but the reality is absolutely different. People are very choosy when it comes to online shopping and they see each and every aspect as to why your company is better. So, in order to sustain in the market for a long term, bringing back the existing customer is essentially important and easy if you put your cards right.

People love to receive their products in a creative design package. They feel special and excited about the product and share with their friends and family. According to a survey, 52% of people love to share their memorable and shareable unboxing experience on social media. Hence, while retaining an existing customer, there is the maximum probability of gaining a new customer. Blog post, images and videos of branded package shared by the people also result in creating a trust factor among other people towards the eCommerce company.

What Are The things Required For Branded Packaging Experience?

There are many things that can be used in creating a well-organized unboxing experience for your customers. Well, it is not necessary to use all of these things in designing an unboxing experience, picking a few of them will be very much helpful. Depending on the nature of the product and customers, you can pick the most suitable one to deliver the best unboxing experience to your customers. Let’s look at some elements you would like to consider when designing a custom branded unboxing experience:

1. Box:

The Box is something that will give the customer a wow experience. The old white and brown boxes have ruled out and the box should be something that catches the customer’s heart. They might come at a high price, but they are worth it.


2. Fillers:

The tradition filler like Styrofoam, bubble wrap, air pillows are now out of use. The new packing fillers to consider is colored crinkle paper that adds value to the product.


3. Tissue paper:

Colored and printed tissue paper can add a whole new level of excitement and suspense to the customer. Wrapping your product with some layers of tissue will do the work for memorable unboxing experience.


4. Sticker:

We know stickers can be a great piece to add to your packing and it can also be used to seal the tissue if you are wrapping your product with tissues. Instead of using printing on your box, using sticker will do its work in fairly less price.


5. Gift:

Adding a small gift to your product can cheer up your customer and add meaning to their experience which they would like to share with others too.


6. Tape:

Instead of using a transparent old tape, use a colored or printed tape to seal the package which sure will look good with the product too.


7. Personal Note:

Well, many eCommerce businesses use personal handwritten notes attached to their products. This adds a personal touch with the customer as well and they feel good about shopping with such companies.

8. Conclusion

Hence if you want your eCommerce business to take new heights, moving from the old, out of style packing to the new shareable unboxing experience is an essential step that you should be working on. Connect with your customers using the new unboxing experience and they will be helping you gain new customers, eventually taking your business to a new level.



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