Build Customer Relationship With Interakt And Increase Revenue

build customer relationship

Even after you have created an impeccable ecommerce store with great product, the next battleground is to build customer relationship. This is the secret to a successful business. If you maintain a good relationship with your customers, they will boast about your store and products and bring friends with them. Thus, increasing your business revenue as well.

However, maintaining customer relationship is a challenge for any ecommerce entrepreneur. You need to be in touch with them constantly and offer instant support, whenever they need. As an ecommerce platform provider, KartRocket understand the need to build customer relationship and how it leads to a profitable business. This is why, we have integrated your store with Interakt, a powerful customer engagement tool to build customer relationship. Other than this, this tool will also help you in leads management, maintaining customer data and much more.

Why Use Interakt To Build Customer Relationship And Increase Revenue?

The best thing about Interakt is that you can do various tasks using a single tool. It is surely a complete customer engagement tool, which is a must have for any ecommerce store owner. Let’s check how Interakt will help you in customer engagement.

Lead Management

Interakt offers you a platform to capture leads using forms like ‘Contact Us.’ You can also add leads manually or by importing them in csv or xls format easily. During the process, you save time and there is no data loss. After collecting leads, you can easily categorize them based on various data values and connect with them using email, which can be triggered automatically.

Get User Data

Interakt helps you to create funnels to track users in real time on your website. You can use the user data and divide them into various segments. For the purpose of marketing, you can access user data through social media and understand your users better. Other than this, you can save all the email, chat and other user history and view them anytime to keep a track on the progress.

Email Marketing

For any ecommerce store owners, email marketing is a powerful tool. You can use this tool to build customer relationship and create customized e-mails using pre-built templates and trigger emails automatically or manually to your customers. You can also keep a check on the impact of those email marketing campaigns through the stats offered in the back end.

Live Notifications To Users

You can announce any offer or changes in your store or its products using the live notification feature of Interakt. All you need is to integrate their javascript and your website is ready to display any updates, customized and displayed in multiple styles. Also, keep a check on the impact, which these notifications made on your store.

Offer Support Through Live Chat

Resolve customer queries by offering live chat option on your website, which is powered by Interakt. You can easily customize the message, which you want to show on your Live Chat. You can also hold the live chat support for some time using its smart offline mode. Save all chat history and view anytime for reference.

Collect Feedback

Want to build customer relationship by offering them what they want? Interakt can help you with it. Use Interakt as a helpdesk for your store by creating feedback forms and sending them to your customers via email. Collect these feedback based on different segments and view results. Use them to offer better service and support to your customers.

How To Integrate Interakt On Your Kartrocket Store?

Integrating your KartRocket store is a seamless process. All you need is to follow these steps and you are good to go.

1. To get started, create an account on Interakt, which is free of cost.

2. Now, Login to your Interakt account. Go to Settings, then Integration and then click on KartRocket. Here, you will get a unique App ID. Click on Copy Code.

build customer relationship with interakt

3. Login to your KartRocket store. Click on Apps from the various categories on left side.

4. Click on Marketing and activate it by clicking on Install. If it is already installed, then click on Setting.

use interakt to build customer relationship

5. Once, the app has been activated, a popup will come, asking for APP ID. Paste the copied App ID from Step 3 and save Changes.

build customer relationship and increase revenue

6. Reload the page.

7. Great! Your KartRocket store is integrated with Interakt.

What Is The Cost Of Interakt For KartRocket Merchants?

Here is the fee of Interakt for KartRocket merchants and features, which you will get.

Get Interakt to build customer relationship

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