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 Welcome online. It’s a startlingly different world out here! Quite like the one you see in real life and yet amazingly new. Everything is at the click of your hands and the touch of your fingers. But that is from a regular person’s perspective. People on the spending end who are online to enjoy services and have fun are on one side. But then there is the other shore of this sea which is home to the developers. If you wish to be on the earning and organizing part this is the shore you are meant to be at. If you choose to be on the end where there is sweating and bleeding you have a lot to do!

1. Set up your Website

This is the obvious first step to do if you wish to establish yourself. Actually forget establish, this is what you have to do first if you even wish to start off. Nowadays, having a website for business is important because it drives customers to your business. People can purchase your products online from your website which is by far the best way to trade via e-commerce. This will increase your revenue as well as your audience.

Now, even though every second person is starting a website every day, it’s really not that easy a task to be executed. It needs dedication and heated hard work. So brace yourself. Or if this scares you too much, you could get folks to design and create a website for you. It won’t be free mostly but its cheap, they do a pretty good task and that’s what matters really. Now the smart work begins where you need to get a registered domain name that is smart and chic. Your website needs to have easily navigated layouts, be filled with useful and interesting information and be free of junk or unhelpful things. Avoid using anything that will discourage a customer from lingering; this is one time when some upfront paid advice from a web designer can be well worth it and will pay itself back in no time.

2. Articles, Blogs and Forums

So you have a website now, and yet it is rather surprising that nobody has visited it much. Well people are not going to just come across your site without it is literally shown it right in their faces. That is another way of saying you need to advertise. Now there are various ways to advertise but we are talking about free promotion. There is no endorsement greater than sharing your thoughts through write-ups that are for all to see. You could start a blog that could have a link to your website. It needs to be a little professional so it should talk about your work. But don’t limit yourself to that, you may talk about topics that relate to your store. Think of adding articles, individual stories about staff and company events, how-to-information using your products and services.

Freebies are appreciated like free tutorials or a free e-book. Impress your customers by your generosity so that they check again for more. It should just be enough to attract attention for prospective customers.

Another great way to promote your business is to start a thread on forums. Forums are a great way to promote your business. Keep in mind, you don’t have to spam the forums or the administrators will disable your account.

Guest blogging is another powerful marketing strategy to get your business noticed. By posting on existing blogs, you can get back links from other blogs to your website. You can bring new readers to your blog or your site directly as soon as they click on your bio and your other links. This will automatically increase traffic for your own business site. And by writing on other’s blogs you are virtually announcing that you are an established brand, with quite some experience and expertise.

3.Email marketing

This is an effective way to keep in touch with existing customers. Not only them but potential customers too can be kept in touch via this method. Create lists of customers (or prospective buyes) that you can keep in touch with on a regular basis. Spend some time to prepare preparing your newsletter filling it with useful information which is easy to read and give quick updates about your business. But don’t weigh it down with all the business stuff only. Give in tips about living life, humorous anecdotes etc. make it spicy and fun to read.

However be careful that many recipients regard this as spamming and you might face badmouthing and blocking. Always seek to get agreement of customers to be emailed first and always take into account spamming laws, which commands you to not send people information they do not want.  It makes ense to send information to people who are genuinely interested in hearing about your products and services and not with those who do not. These e-mailings can be sent out in bulk, as if you were sending them through postal mail.

4. Social media

People are always online. And by that I mean they are all taken in the social media craze. If you are not part of it you areliving a lie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Everyone gets their information and market options from here. Silence is no longer an option. Facebook and Google+ offers you business pages. Grabbing that opportunity with both hands is what any sensible person should do. Create your page and boast and brag like you mean it. Provide meaningful content that matters.  What you say and share should attract your customers’ attention. Don’t let it be some meek reproduction of “Please buy our product!” Befriend people, follow them and take an interest in them just as much you expect them to take an interest in you. You are not here online on a strictly business mission. Get your social skills up and win their trust and hence their money!

Be knowledgeable about whatever you post. It is rather tempting to go machetes blazing with your hashtags on twitter or Facebook, but this is really unadvisable.  Its absolutely unprofessional and thus something that you should never do. You might even make mistakes sometimes. Don’t let it put you down. Everyone makes errors on social networking sites, anda ll you can do is learn from them and move on.

5. Internet Marketing

This point is a clear cut work of advertising. Sure promotions is all about beating around the bush, but sometimes you can just go ahead straight forward and ask people to be a part of your business. You can place Google ads on the side of your Google bar. It is the most searched site and sometimes it is also the confirm-whether-my-wi fi-is-working-or-not page too. If you type in something to search, then these ads will come up on the right side of your search results as small ads.

You can even use pay per click advertising. You can set a price that you would be willing to pay every time someone clicks on an ad that you write. You only have to pay this when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on your ad, you do not have to pay. These ad formats allow you to set up a daily advertising budget and you have the freedom to cancel and restart your ads any time you want.

Also you can give ‘sidebar ads’. These display ads while people are playing games. Consider also expanding into ads on apps for smartphones and electronic tablets. Since a larger population is now there sidebar ads would be a good investment.

But beware, if you put up too many ads, people tend to get annoyed. They look at too many advertisments as a sign of a possible spam! So don’t overdo the internet marketing. Instead so a little bit of it just to attract people who could be really interested.

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