Why can’t I use the traditional method to prepare a vision Statement?


You are the business leader of your organization. As a business head, it is quintessential for you to have a clear vision with respect to the impact that you as an organization aims to make. So, comprehensively, a vision must formulate the difference that you wish to make in the long run. It articulates your desire to change and gives you and your team the very reason to jump off the bed every morning with a thought to work towards the change.

Now, before we help you in framing the vision statement for your business, we need to discuss how is the old vision statement different from the new and the modern vision statement? But, what is this traditional vision statement? Let’s find out!

Traditional Vision Statements

Are you working in an organization that still follows the traditional vision statement? What does it sound like? How is it? Let’s take a generic scenario of what happens during the drafting of the ‘traditional’ vision statement.


Usually, when the traditional vision statement is drafted, the key players of the organization including the senior management give a speech that largely revolves around a ‘concise’ statement that represents the direction that they want to take the company in. Everyone including you is waiting in anticipation of that single most important line that would define the objective of the organization. That is where the entire thing goes wrong.  

Since these statements are concise, they do not bring forth the true thought of the management and thus is open to misinterpretation. What you think of it maybe different from what the management thought of it! So, in all this disparity, everyone begins working for a goal that is not common. As a result, the energy is divided!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that such an organization that has no clarity on the vision will never be able to achieve the vision (of the management) successfully!

Vivid or the modern day Vision Statement

A vivid vision statement is usually a 3-5 page document. Under this, you tend to clearly put forth a vision (or a dream) that you see for your organization. Usually, crafted by the founding fathers or the CEO of the company, the statement should successfully detail:

  • How every business area functions?   
  • What is the work culture in the organization?
  • What should be your reputation in front of the stakeholders and the customers?
  • How is the staff treated?
  • How you wish to be known in the market?


On due preparation, the vision statement must be communicated to the different business areas. They’ll then accordingly formulate a strategy that they will employ to achieve this vision.

Difference between Traditional and Modern Day Statements

Traditional Vision Statements

Modern Day Vision Statements

Concise, usually a single lineVivid, usually 3 to 5 pages long
Fails to tell the whole storyClearly justifies the thought or the agenda
Divides the organization with everyone working with a different visionUnites the organization towards a common goal

How to frame a modern day vision statement?


  1. In order to be able to formulate a vivid or a modern day vision statement, you have to walk out of the four walls of your office. Free yourself from an environment that constraints your thought process. Break the bubble of life, and let your mind wander, free!
  2. Next, you don’t need your PC or laptop. Take with you a pen and a paper.
  3. Focus on where you want to take your organization. Do not bound yourself by logics of ‘how you’ll get there?’ Remember, if you dream big, you achieve big!
  4. Jot down all that comes to your mind. Use sticky notes, flow charts, pie charts, colorful pens or anything that lets you visualize with ease.
  5. No idea is ever a bad idea. So, even if your thoughts don’t fit in the future, put them down. It is okay to flush them off later, but for now, you must have them on paper.  

3 Steps to an absolute Vision Statement


In order to achieve strategic competence, you need to have a vision statement that:

  • Clearly defines where you are and where you want to be, maybe in the next 5 years or probably a decade
  • Is powerful enough to unify every single employee or employer of the organization
  • Is the ultimate goal or the target of the organization

Final Say
Now go ahead and frame the vision statement for your organization. Before you begin, don’t forget to read through the vision statements of all the big and the successful enterprises. Do not try to ape anyone but having a little idea, to begin with, does no harm!

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