How to Compete Big eCommerce Companies - Strategy

How to Compete with eCommerce Giants like Amazon – A Guide

New entrants in any business have to face the challenge of existing and dominant companies. In spite of the presence of these powerful eCommerce companies, many start-up companies successfully compete and establish themselves. This is not by chance but requires thoughtful planning and effective execution.

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Build An eCommerce Website From Scratch Like a Pro

According to survey reports, the growth of online business worldwide is significantly faster and higher than traditional businesses. The success of eCommerce businesses has been so impacting that even established business houses have started online selling as a complementary effort. However, first things first, in eCommerce, it is mandatory to create an eCommerce website at the outset.

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eCommerce Web Hosting Comparison

Best eCommerce Website Hosting Comparison & Review

Developing an eCommerce website is not the same as creating any other site. It needs to be integrated with superior features, tools, and qualities. eCommerce web hosting is one such vital characteristic of an eCommerce website that decides performance of the online store. These web hosting functionalities that you need include bandwidth availability, data transfer speed, server space, and uptime availability.

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SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms

The Best SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms for StartUps

Your online store should have SEO features so that it is ranked sufficiently high by search engines. Without optimization, the purpose of creating an eCommerce site gets defeated and the entire effort gets wasted. Just by claiming a site to be SEO friendly is not enough. Definitive features must be incorporated to make your online shopping store is truly SEO friendly. Be it a hosted eCommerce website, or, a shopping cart, it is essential to compare its SEO features.

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How Can I Sell My Product Online?

If you wish to sell online, you must be aware about various ways around online selling in india. These tips will help:

Plan What You Want To Sell

 Plan what you want to sellFor new comers, willing to start selling online, you’re first step is to decide which all products & services you want to sell online. You can either sell unique products or sourced ones that you’ve procured from drop shippers or third party vendors.

Identify Your Target Audience

Research your market well and identify your target audience to understand what’s going on in market and how you should build your strategies around designing, pricing and branding of your store. This will help you to showcase benefits of your products to your potential buyers.

Pick Up Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Pick up an ecommerce platform that is easy to use and handy to launch, in a way that can help you launch your store within few minutes. Most ecommerce platforms come pre-integrated with free payment gateway & stunning designs with mobile responsiveness. Few platforms give an advance features of mobile app that you can use to manage your store and automated shipping solution.

Build & your online storeBuild & Your Online Store

From various ecommerce them options, choose one or simply have a custom design ready for your store that works well for your brand. Add your product categories and inventory details with all the available information that you have. Integrate shipping process and details of payment gateways, in case they are not pre-integrated.

Market Your Store

Once your store is up and ready with all the relevant details, you can start marketing it to your target audience. Nowadays, ecommerce platforms offer an interesting feature of built-in-SEO that helps you to optimize your site for search engines. Touch base with your customers using social media and use paid mediums like PPC ads. Emphasis over conversions and keep modifying your marketing strategies accordingly.

Market your store

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