Designing an eCommerce website? Here is what you should know…

If you think that designing an eCommerce website is all about designing an aesthetically appealing website, then you are mistaken my dear friend. Your website is your access card for this virtual world. It performs the important task of engaging your visitors and converting them into customers, which increases your business. Follow these rules of web designing to create the perfect website.

designing an ecommerce website

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10 Features your eCommerce Website Must Have

Selling online has become a trend. This is simply because millions of people prefer to shop online these days. Although there are reputable marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, launching your own eCommerce website is still advisable. There are numerous eCommerce host providers that are very much willing to serve you. Acquiring an eCommerce software solution is going to be helpful in terms of cutting expenses and workload. But before paying for a monthly contract, you must make sure that they can make these 10 Features your eCommerce Website Must Have:

eCommerce Website Must Have

10 Features Your eCommerce Websites Must Have

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Are you steering your enterprise on the right track?

Today Bill Gates may jeer all he wants or Mark Zuckerberg can happily holiday in Greece. But once upon a time they were hopelessly confused college graduates with only an idea on their minds. They did not have a plan to guide them or a mentor to tell them how they were supposed to carry forward their businesses. They just worked really hard on whatever they had and could give to the world. Focussed on that and moved on. They just floated with the flow. And yet sailed against all storms. They learned everything that they did with the swiftness observed by any and every hard worker.

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How to Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID for Listing on KartRocket

Follow the mentioned steps to Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID

Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions to obtain Amazon India merchant ID

  1. Login with your Amazon credentials

  2. Click on “Sign up for MWS”

  3. Select third option as “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.” and fill up following details.

  • Developer’s Name : Kartrocket

  • Developer Account Number : 1469-7463-9584

    3.  Click on “Next”

    4.  Accept the “Terms & conditions” and click on “Next”

    5.  Copy the “MERCHANT ID” and paste it back in the sign up form.

Let us know if our article Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID was helpful or not.

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Why and When To Switch eCommerce Platform?

Minting money is what e-commerce is all about. It’s more vital than ever to make sure that your platform is as sleek, appealing, customer-friendly and efficient as possible. But hold on! The world is not as perfect as you think or want. Here is a situation, when you are not satisfied with the performance of your eCommerce platform. What do you do now? You can’t just quit the platform you have (paid already) and signed up for! That would be crazy. But let me tell you it’s not so stupid.  As a matter of fact, It may be hard to switch eCommerce but do have the capability to turn the tables. Your sales will improve and so will be the customer experience. But you should know when the right time to switch your eCommerce platform is. Here are few alerts:

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