Things exceptional thinkers do everyday!

People who are influential and successful tend to leave a mark on whomever they encounter. More often than not hey are great orators, the way they speak their mind, talk of ideas often leave us in absolute awe of them. But what we should remember is no man is born great, their habits and the way they think make them what they are today. The confidence that they project in themselves comes from years of hard work, determination and healthy habits which they possess. Here are a list of the things that we think great thinkers indulge in:


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5 Natural Steps To Follow For A Long Lasting Self Confidence!

The fear of failure, the fear of public humiliation, the fear of getting rejected. There are many reasons which are responsible for bringing down the morale of a person. And the amalgamation of all such factors playing one’s mind is the lack of self-confidence. Low self-confidence often tends to bring a person down, the disbelief hinders a person from achieving their dreams and ambition bringing their morale down making them even more under confident. This is vicious cycle that carries o, but we have some tips that may help you boost your self-confidence. Small easy steps that you may incorporate in your lifestyle that’ll help fix up your shaken belief in one self.


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5 Reasons To Add Wishlist To Your Website

For an e-commerce store, having a wishlist feature is an opportunity to convert potential customers into actual ones even when they’re not ready to make in initial purchase. Wishlists are among one of the very important features of e-commerce that would help you increase your sales.

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5 Best Chrome Extensions for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

E-commerce developers & entrepreneurs need to make tasks easy whenever they sit on their computers. Several useful features can be unlocked on the browser which you use. Google Chrome is the most popular browser that holds a major share of browser usage globally. Most of the browser extensions are designed keeping Google Chrome in mind. One needs to carefully search for the exact extensions that can benefit the working. Too many extensions might surely slow down your browser. Pick up extensions that are needed for your daily business-related functions. Let us focus on some of the best free Chrome Extensions that will help you carry out important tasks with much ease.

Save to Pocket

This is an interesting and helpful extension that allows you to collect information for reading it later. The life of an entrepreneur or e-commerce business developer might turn out to be quite hectic. Do not let this busy schedule hamper your reading and learning process. Pocket assists you in collecting articles from different sources, thereby making it a flexible tool. You can gather information from links, blogs, and even tweets without any hassle. The Pocket Chrome extension is easy to use, and this has made it quite popular. What else does Pocket offer? It helps you in maintaining your regular reading list, which is a wonderful function.

Benefits of Save to Pocket

  • Pocket can easily merge with other apps through IFTTT. Moreover, it can also integrate into social networks and blogs.
  • This app also has different viewing options. There is a “web view” along with “article view” that is a distraction free mode.
  • If you thought reading offline was the only benefit, thing again!  One can even LISTEN to saved content via Pocket.

If your working schedule involves several meetings, then trust Assistant to make matters easy for you. Take the help of this scheduling plugin directly connected to your Google Calendar, which can be checked in your inbox. This allows you to select the apt meeting time that works according to your preference. On the other hand, your contact can then select the time option that works best for them in the sent email. Once this is done, the meeting is fixed.

Benefits of

  • There is no need to ask numerous times, but a single request is enough to acquire a time confirmation from the contact.
  • Rescheduling option is also available via
  • Your contacts will surely be impressed as to how efficiently you are offering a meeting invite. 

Block Site

There are times when you are directed to sites such as Facebook without any idea. To check such situations and to keep you focused, Block Site is the best option. The working of Block Site is effortless. It reminds you to stick to your work without getting distracted. You need to add all the sites that can cause a diversion to the Block Site’s list. Whenever you are working, then enable it to operate peacefully. If ever you try to visit any of the blocked sites, you will be met with a page reminder that keeps you away.

Benefits of Block Site

  • The app tracks the number of attempts you made to visit a blocked site.
  • One can even fix a schedule for blocking various sites while you are working.


The Buffer Chrome extension helps you save time by adding the same content through different social media accounts. This is a wonderful tool for spreading out the word across different platforms through a single click. You can easily manage messages and images to fit various social media channels.

Benefits of Buffer

  • You only have to click once to access Buffer’s post editor option.
  • Message customization is one of the best options to fit every channel.
  • You simply have to right-click on images so as to stack them in the queue.


Grammarly is a smart extension that helps you to maintain the quality of the content which you handle. Be it an email or tweet. This app helps to check grammar as well as spelling mistakes. The proofreading process offered by Grammarly is very efficient. You can easily install this extension to spot grammar errors and misspelled words without any hassle.

Benefits of Grammarly

  • This extension is supposed to be better than the famous Microsoft Word spell checker.
  • Since Grammarly is connected to your browser it checks your emails, tweets and comments which are posted online.
  • Apart from grammar correction, it helps to make you learn about the correct terms and spellings.

Final Say

The above-stated Chrome extensions are some of the most useful apps that can be installed for free.

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marketing strategies

5 Proven Marketing Strategies To Improve Website Traffic

Every budding entrepreneur or start up that wishes to consistently gain the flow of visitors, revenue and customers, do everything possible to increase the website traffic. Sadly, not all of them succeed. A lot of businesses think that spending buck loads of money on advertising is imperative for consistent web traffic. Surprisingly, you just don’t need to spend a bomb to increase the website traffic.

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