Beyuva – An Exclusive Store For Fashion Accessories &  Jewellery

We have the founder of BeYuva with us today to share her entrepreneurial journey with us. She purely explains how passion and devotion could lead to something so wonderful. Let’s hear from the founder herself.

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Youbella – Exclusive store for affordable women fashion jewellery!

Youbella is the brainchild of Pankaj Agarwal, who hails from Delhi. After graduating & post graduating from NSIT & IIM Indore resp, he holds a rich experience in “FMCG” sector.

Read More – Luxurious eyelashes brand by famous makeup artist Chandni Girdhar

Wynkme” is the brainchild of Chandni Girdhar, a celebrity makeup artist who is passionate about makeup and has always aspired to bring best to the people. She is well known for her makeup excellence transforming almost each and every face she touches.

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Mae – Online store handcrafted in India with a modern twist!

We’ve super enthusiastic founder of Mae – Jayeta Rohilla with us today, she is so modern yet very traditional in her thoughts. Born in Gujarat, she hails from the land of Haryana . She enjoys the little things in life. she has lived in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sweden, China and India. She fell in love with India, the busy movements, the drivers and the spirits.

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Itskart – One Stop Online Store For Traditional & Fashionable Day To Day Products!

Itskart is the brainchild of Narayana Swamy, a veteran with over 35 years of experience in Banking sector. He started the online store with a unique intention, a portion of the earnings through the website is used for the benefits of the society. The fund is circulated for the well being of the artisans, the education of children more inclined towards girls education, and sanitation facility.

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Muffa – eCommerce Store for Exquisite Handmade Leather Accessories and Bags!

Muffa is the brainchild of Sonal, a pass out from Nift delhi. She started MUFFA when she was in college itself. We know it takes lot of courage to start something of our own but more than it requires money. To bootstrap Muffa, sonal started taking design classes in an institute which got her extra income.

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