Posterama: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week


march 31, 2014 edition


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Manyu Angrish, Founder of Posterama

1. Tell us about yourself(for CEO/Owner).I am an elementary school teacher in a government school in Delhi. I come from Chandigarh and did most of my schooling there as an overzealous overachieving kid. I won a scholarship and spent two years in Singapore and a cocktail of bad marks, boredom and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Swades made me return to India to be a part of the change. I completed my graduation and took on several projects to that end before finally getting the Teach for India fellowship, and moving to Delhi to work here.

2. When and how did you start Posterama?

When I returned to India in 2012, I wanted to give my room a makeover. Given how lazy I was, decking it up with posters was the easiest way to go forward but I couldn’t find anything decent. I’ve never been the one to accept status quo and thus began Posterama in June, 2006. I was learning a bit of Photoshop on the side, so that was an added incentive. In all honesty, Posterama was never about money. It’s largely about experience. I plan to establish it as a small sustainable business and give it over to some smart chaps from a financially underprivileged community.

3. How is your business going so far(in terms of daily orders/traffic)?

This is the second iteration of Posterama. I ran a barebone model earlier in Chandigarh, which was suspended when I moved to Delhi a year ago. Realizing I had some time at hand, I decided to revive Posterama in a more professional capacity. It’s just been two weeks since I re-launched Posterama and I’m still in the process of charting out a marketing campaign. I’ve had about 500 unique visitors and received orders for close to 60 posters without any marketing as yet, so its looking good. I run Posterama as a hobby and I am very particular about looking after all aspects of the business myself, so I don’t want it to grow too big. I realize it doesn’t make much marketing sense but as I said Posterama’s all about quality.

4. What were the major challenges when you started up?

Sourcing good posters is always a lot of hard work that people normally tend to overlook. A lot of time goes into finding good posters and then editing them. Printing varies greatly across locations in terms of quality and price. I’m very obsessive about quality and I’ve often had to pay more than I made just to ensure that the final product is the best I can deliver.

5. How did you get to know Kartrocket?

I think I stumbled onto the website while looking for e-commerce solutions. India’s laws make it impossible to launch an e-store using foreign store fronts and the domestic market has very limited choices. Fortunately, I ran into Kartrocket that delivered beautiful interface options with an efficient back-end and a decent service.

6. How is your experience with Kartrocket and how likely are you to refer Kartrocket to your friends?

When I look back on it, my relationship with Kartrocket has been largely positive. If it weren’t for their executives, I would have continued to procrastinate and never launched Posterama, so I owe them thanks for that. Their service has been swift and they’ve always helped me whenever I ran into a roadblock. I’ve already recommended Kartrocket to several friends and will confidently continue to do so.

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My Closet n More: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week

March 10, 2014 edition


cover story


My Closet n More, a .com destination for the latest jewelry and apparels may still be in its nascent stage today but the future seems very bright.

Rati Soneja, founder of My Closet n More

Rati,  the sole driver of is not only an entrepreneur but an electronics professional in an MNC. Her requirement for an eCommerce platform zeroed down at KartRocket considering their end to end service. Well known for its marketing apps & shipping solutions, KartRocket turned out to be the perfect match for the multitasking woman, Rati Soneja.

Rati is also highly impressed with KartRocket’s latest shipping tool, ShipRocket, which allows her to automate her shipping process while saving time & money. Rati was earlier on Zepo.

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Drag2kart: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week

February 10, 2014 edition


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Aniket Sugandh,

Tell us about

I was selling perfumes worldwide in the wholesale market from quite a long time and ventured into online sales 4 months back. I have all the big brands available with me at a very competitive price. Apart from perfumes, I also sell bath & beauty products, women’s accessories & dry fruits.

How did you come across Kartrocket?

A friend of mine who was already using kartrocket suggested me try the platform. At that time, I had a website which wasn’t just complicated but had limited features. When I tried kartrocket, firstly I found the panel very easy and there were so many add on features which i loved like shipping management, free payment integration & several marketing apps. I signed up instantly and within 3 weeks, I was live.

How has Kartrocket helped you so far?

It has reduced my shipping rates by 50%. Earlier I used to pay Rs.200/- per package for shipping and now it’s less than Rs.80/-.

How likely are you to recommend Kartrocket to your friends?

Very much likely!

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FatKart: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week


February 17, 2014 edition


cover story

Fat Kart

women men kids mobiles & tablets home & furnishing jewellery flowers & gifts combo offers deals

women   men   kids   mobiles & tablets   home & furnishing   jewellery   flowers & gifts   combo offers   deals

women men kids mobiles & tablets home & furnishing jewellery flowers & gifts combo offers deals

From beauty products to clothing line, from home appliances to gadgets, from flowers to gifts FatKart sells it all on their website

Rohit Jain, founder & CEO at FatKart:

I started FatKart in January, 2013 with a very little experience in the e-commerce industry. The idea of going online hit me one day and I decided to put across a vast variety of products in clothing, home furnishing, electronics, Jewelry & gifting items online.

I was working on other platform which didn’t work out that well for me. That is when I came across Gautam, CEO of KartRocket. I spoke to him regarding my customized requirements and he was quite amiable about it. Their team started their work in mid January and in less then 2 weeks, my website was live and running. Now I get more than 2 lacs visitors on FatKart every month and transactions worth Rs 50,000 everyday.

I would highly recommend KartRocket to other entrepreneurs.

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Leading Women In Indian eCommerce

Mats Matter

Sandra Mayithara, 28 year old, graduate in finance returned to India from Melbourne after completing her higher studies in 2009. While her dream jobs in the corporate world poured in and out, she couldn’t help but notice a gaping hole in the domestic market of the coir doormat industry. She decided to bootstrap this opportunity and take her family business of doormat exports to the domestic markets through online retail portals. To begin with she unveiled her collection on Facebook and it turns out “Mats Matter” was an easy street to a grand success! From selling on Facebook to then retailing on various ecommerce site, now she has launched her own site with the help of Kartrocket. Today, it is her biggest aspiration to have every home in India welcome their guests with a Mats Matter doormat rather “door accessory”!

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