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Easy Ways To Make a First Sale on Your Ecommerce Website

So, you have decided to step your foot into the eCommerce business. When it comes down to any business, the first sale plays a vital role in triggering the furtherance of sales and to get the momentum going. Also, it helps in strategic branding and marketing while enabling you to iron the kinks out in terms of your operations. However, this is a natural fact that your first sale is also the hardest one. Let us see & discuss the effective ‘mantras’ on how to make first sale on your ecommerce website.

Create A Pre-Launch List & Email Them

Generate a buzz while you create an email list that tells the story of your launching of business. If you have already got your pre-launch lists built, then shoot it right away before you apply any other tactics. You have already got their email shared by them, so they are perhaps your easiest potential leads when starting an eCommerce business.

Direct Selling to Friends & Family

The easiest and perhaps the basic way of making your first sale is to seek a legitimate help from your friends and family. You need not guilt-trip anyone for not purchasing your product, but you need to generate a subtle need by listing out the benefits of buying from your online store. You can connect with those who genuinely are interested in your product and you may want to try out MPOS which can be enabled through apps like KartRocket Online Seller App. Your friend/family can also benefit by saving their shipment costs as you can handle the product directly to them.

Giveaways, Contests & Sweepstakes

Okay, so it is a hands-down fact that giveaways are likable and help in grabbing quick attention towards any new product. If and when done correctly, these contests have the potential to garner quite a buzz and traffic to your website which can enhance your brand’s publicity by word of mouth marketing. There are plenty of apps which help you to generate contests and giveaways which you can share on your social media

Social Selling: Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram

Your Facebook friends list or your Whatsapp contacts list is a gold mine, so dig deeper and plan how to resourcefully extract the best of the available opportunity. Most likely all your friends and family are on social media so share your product with them. Dip your toes into the world of social media where you can choose from multiple platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to generate leads. You are likely to find your potential first 10 sales on these platforms. You can also integrate your ecommerce website with your social media by using third party apps.

Selling On Online Marketplaces

The best part about selling on other marketplaces like Shopclues, etc. is the fact that they are well established brands and have their logistics chalked out intricately in advance so that new sellers like you can benefit from the strong brand presence and make your first sale. Do you want more? Then try and integrate your online store with these marketplaces by using ecommerce enablement platform which enable you with features for selling your stuff on marketplaces while rolling your ecommerce website into more sales.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has a native advertising platform by which you are enhancing the visibility of your newly established business. You can choose your desired target market, track and analyze your growth and pay according to the number of visits you get on your page. Collaborate this with your online store and you can generate more traffic to your ecommerce website.

Earn Credibility through Google Adwords

Google Adwords has been the most far-fetched and popular advertising platforms and networks available on the internet. Its reach is seamless and its search based or intent based advertising helps you in generation of targeted traffic to your ecommerce website. There are quite a lot of online guides through which you can acquire the basics of Google Adwords.

Create and Manage a Blog

Blog posts bring organic traffic to your website which, when effectively marketed can generate sales and bring revenue to your ecommerce business. Use this tool effectively and wisely by creating a rich, informative yet subtly selling content on your blog to create credibility for your brand and build a targeted audience.

Your first sale is more likely to be your important one. This will draw an ignition to your selling engine while helping in gaining a sustainable momentum for the business. The best advice is to try out the method that suits your business and its niche in the best way. Do not be hesitant in spending some money like in giving out discounts or offers if it is fetching you well and more in the future. When your business is fine tuned to your desire, it will automatically reach its break even very soon.

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social selling

Social Selling: Not a Buzzword Anymore

Before there was Facebook, LinkedIn etc. our yesteryear counterparts used to buy stuff from others in social ways. Garden fence was a platform for seeking feedback or advice from friends and neighbors, stringer letters were being written to manufacturers, in case of any product dissatisfaction and so on.

With the evolution of technology, the idea of social selling has manifested itself in a different way altogether. It has become much easier, faster and better for consumers to find out about the good and bad about each product or service. The wealth of information at their disposal in the form of forums, blogs, discussion threads has replaced the garden fence conversations in a big way.

Welcome To The Social Selling Era

So, imagine the world where there are buyers who want to buy the product which you have in your company. They have the required need for it, they also have a timeframe set and perhaps a budget too! If only your product would get visible in front of them. If only! And they would readily make the purchase from you.

Traditionally speaking, to get to those buyers, you need to find out who they are, where they are from and how to connect with them which has never been easy. However, fortunate enough that we are, the online social media have connected us with the world around in the most effective manner. Tapping this gold mine of a resource to our benefit is what essentially one needs to do.

Discover Opportunities With Social Selling

The question of where to find the buyers and connect with them has its answer lying in the world of social media. People nowadays are quite open about their intentions, tastes, preferences and choices when it comes to buying behavior. They are constantly uploading their needs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and post on forums and blogs. Therefore, all you require is to have a good ear for listening to what your prospects are saying.

Well, in case you are looking for more proof about the benefits of social selling which you ought to be crazy to miss, here are those:

Shortened Sales Cycle: A study shows that there has been a major shrink in the vehicle purchases over a period of time. Social channels have acted as a catalyzing agent in this purchasing process.

Managing Reputation: 80-90% of customers have gotten influenced by reviews of blogs and forums on the internet regarding purchasing decisions. They are researching well about the company, sales force, etc. Social selling optimizes your sales force’s public profiles in order to speak for your brand before anyone else does so.

Generation of Leads: With the slow death of cold calling and banner ads online, the social selling comes out as an advantageous platform where your sales force can establish their social media presence and take care of all the monitoring activities while engaging customers in conversations with regard to products, services and other features of a particular company.

Various platforms of Social Selling

social selling_whatsapp

The messenger form of selling is strikingly innovative while helping you establish as a brand locally. KartRocket enables you to sell on WhatsApp with its mobile app as well as through the online store. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business, WhatsApp can be a niche platform where you can easily share your products or services to your customers in the most direct way.

social selling_facebook

Being the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook has integrations, affiliations and programs of various kinds to offer to buyers and sellers worldwide. This has enabled businesses to compete with another in a more structured format wherein the focus is on customer engagement and lead generation along with prospect sales. With the help of KartRocket Online Seller App, you can start selling your products on Facebook in a jiffy!

social selling_twitter

The #Hashtag generation has opened up this platform for many celebrities, businesses, salespeople and customers to directly voice their inputs, opinions and feedbacks in a 140 character limit format on Twitter. Twitter has become a rage with buyers who want to know firsthand information about any particular product or service. It directly influences the purchasing behavior of an individual.

inssocial selling_instagram

As the name suggests, the instantaneous clicking, uploading, sharing and selling of products can happen on Instagram. While this platform has been a recent addition, it has become widely popular amongst many artists and connoisseurs along with entrepreneurs and businesses as well who want to showcase their talent and sender their products or services for sale to customers.

Social selling is practiced by companies in understanding, engaging, communicating and retaining customers as well as in lead generation. It is time that you too change your marketing strategies to embrace the changing times by adopting social selling. There could possibly be no better time than now to use social media as a platform for generation of business.

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how to sell food online

How To Sell Food Online- Tips and Tricks

“Selling food online’ — you thought is complicated and tough? But, you have a brilliant way to resolve the fear, all thanks to the Internet! The web based platform for selling your unique and scrumptious preparations is quick and simple, you get in touch with numerous customers; no storefront means fewer working hours, lower overheads as well as decreased labor expenditures. So, now do you think selling food online is difficult and not worthy?

Many online sellers have discovered that you need to be a tough cookie for being successful at selling your food online. But, you need the tools before you sell. Firstly, you need a speedy and attractive eCommerce website, an excellent packaging, and a first-class shipper. Also, make sure you’re in conformity with the regulations of the local state health department.

An Attractive Picture Can Bring-In Thousands of Orders

When you look to shop online, you cannot smell or taste the food for sale. Therefore, good visuals entice the customers towards the products, especially in case of food items. Remember, to make your website visually more appealing and soothing to the eyes.

Convey the food’s deliciousness to the audience by placing the best product shots because if the products are not clear and in-focus, then everything will fall flat. You can also hire professional photographers, or if you want to save the cost on images, then seek the help of your family members and close friends who’re into photography, or just buy a digital camera and capture pictures yourself.

Two-Click Purchasing

Just as having good and clear images on your eCommerce website is essential, it is equally important to have an easy two-click buying system. If your customer wants to purchase a particular food item, and is unable to click on a product and fails to buy in two simple steps, then forget it, because he is gone! So, the bottom line is that the checkout process must be easy and simple for the visitors to make effortless purchasing.

Find the Sweet Spot – Pricing Your Food Item

If you are learning about how to sell food online, then the critical aspect will always be the pricing of your products. Hence, if you want to stay in the business you will need to have a competent price.

Firstly, decide the price of your food product, add labor charges, packaging, overheads and shipping or re-shipping costs. If you do not make any profits, then increase a suitable amount of pricing, without shocking your customers. You may also tempt your customers by giving them freebies or free shipping. But, remember that cost is involved in distributing giveaways, so if you do not cover the costs you won’t get success in your online food selling business.

Packaging & Shipping Tips

The biggest challenge of selling food online is how to ship food. An important part of pricing also includes packaging and shipping, and if you are into selling perishable food products such as freshly baked items, cheese, fruits, and vegetables they should be shipped quickly. Also, shelf-stable and pre-packaged food items must be packed and shipped appropriately. Since, many food items online are bought as gifts, therefore packaging should be very attractive.

Spread the Word

Even if your brownies are the best-tasting ones or the cheese you supply is of the best quality, how does matter if nobody knows about your food items, you will soon quit your business. So what to do, how to sell food online?
Just try to get the word out and the most cost-effective way is to make use of social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Google+, WhatsApp, and Facebook. If you connect with your high school and college friends via the social media, you may get many sales and free advertising. Now that sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can spread the word by sending customers the newsletters via emails informing them about your new product range or specials. There are many email services like Business Email Lite form BigRock, Yahoo! Small Business Email, and Professional Email from G Daddy India, which are simple to use and has signed up widgets so that you can add it to your Facebook page or website.

Ultimate Thoughts for Online Food Selling

If you are thinking to set up an online food selling shop, you must start small and try to stay simple. You may pick five to six products in the beginning and then experiment with your new arrivals. Take time and have patience with yourself as well as your customers. Remember, establishing a good online food website requires time.

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A Beginner’s Guide on How To Sell Fashion Jewelry Online

New to the entrepreneurial world and wondering how to sell fashion jewelry online? You must develop a successful plan from product manufacturing, marketing to shipping. Sounds interesting? Read this valuable guide on how to become a successful entrepreneur by selling fashion jewelry online.

With rapidly evolving technology, the way we conduct business or shop today has changed drastically. E-Commerce is one such platform that has bagged tremendous success by connecting sellers and buyers around the globe. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, the seller easily earns a good profit without having to make an extra effort, while the buyer gets branded products at a cheaper rate. From the point of marketing the product to its sales and shipping, the eCommerce platform plays a pivotal role.

There is no better way to impress a woman than present her with jewelry. Subsequently, jewelers around the world leave no opportunity to sell their popular and latest creations to the fairer sex. But that’s half truth, even men today are active seekers of creative jewelry pieces, from neckwear to their ankles. With such a large market potential, it is only wise to sell fashion jewelry online. However, reaching a colossal number of the right audience in the competitive marketplace is significant, because the brick-and-mortar store is incapable of reaching out on a global scale, unless it embraces the E-Commerce platform.

Sell Fashion Jewelry Online- The Procedure

Market Research

Before launching your online business, a detailed market research on the fashion jewelry products is essential. Doing so would help you sketch a robust business strategy, in terms of marketing and sales of the product, including advertising and analyzing the suitable geographical areas, where the probability of sales is high.

Develop a questionnaire that will provide you with an insight about the target market and its demographics. Statistically analyze the results of your survey to ensure that you have all the key elements covered in your research in regards to your business perspective. You can choose to conduct a focused group discussion to get an in depth analysis of your customers’ needs and requirements. Make sure you have analyzed your results yielded according to the areas of strengths and weaknesses. You are basically doing something called as a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in terms of market research perspective. An insight about the target market and the audience that you will cater to will give you a better edge on what direction to head in your business growth

Product Catalog

Establish Product Category- If you are contemplating on launching a jewelry sales business, you must first select a suitable category, you may choose a single or opt for multiple product lines. You may want to segregate your items according to genders or age groups.
For example, your product line of rings, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, necklaces or earrings can be mapped for men & women in different sections, or segregated by age groups like children, men & women above 60, 50, 30, or 20 years.

Product Images

A catalog that contains pictures and good descriptions instantly draw customer attention. Furthermore, a neatly aligned catalog makes it easier for customers to flip through the sections and select from relevant categories. Only clear, concise, and attractive photographs of the jewelry piece will sell!

Product Descriptions

A well-defined product description increases the sales value by several notches. Remember, do not make false promises about your product, it will simply backfire and spoil your image.

Product Price

Prior to slapping a jewelry item with a price tag, analyze the jewelry base price, its cost of manufacturing, marketing, and shipping. A fair price will not only make the customer trust you, but you would also gain from the sales and the free advertisement that a satisfied customer would spread. To know which factors to look out for to define your pricing strategy, click here.

Website Designing

Boost your business further by creating a website for your company. It could range from a simple template with your logo and “About us” section that contains your business profile to a fully-fledged website with furnished sections dedicated to each section. Additionally, ensure your website us mobile friendly as it will improve your customer reach and help you to increase in your sales volume.

You can actually check out pre-developed and designed web pages that not only are tailor-made to suit your requirements but can be enhanced further to become mobile-friendly or for eCommerce requirements if need be.

Modes of Marketing & Advertising

Your website is ready, what now? Of course, you need to popularize it through different marketing channels to draw traffic and eventually sales. You may solely promote your company’s website, or advertise your products in numerous popular market places in addition to your website.

If planning to launch your own website to sell fashion jewelry online, deploy different online marketing methods namely;

Email Marketing

This process essentially means that you developed templates to send out your promotions via email to your customers. Design an effective, neat and crisp yet attractive ad campaign specifically made to send out on emails.

Paid Advertisements

You can post your advertisement for a promotional or a discount offer on popular search engines like Google. You can advertise on social media sites like Facebook by paying a small fee to boost your business in numerous ways.

Popularizing your website via SEO techniques

Using organically advantageous content on your web pages that abide by search engine policies by enriching it with appropriate keywords and backlinks will also help you in generating higher rankings on search engines and providing you with better traffic.

Select Payment Method

The E-commerce mode of sales has opened new avenues for entrepreneurs. Now their sales are not restricted to local markets but on a global scale. Thus to meet the growing demands of overseas shipping, businesses should also gear up their payment methods. Secure payment options like debit card, credit card, and PayPal works brilliantly with the audiences.

Shipping the Product

Shipping the jewelry item in a secure packaging material will enhance your company’s goodwill. Remember, not to make your package too big, as it will increase your shipping cost. Also, ensure that your shipping items are packed well using necessary protection like thermocol, bubble wrap, and cardboard packaging. Make sure it is dust, rain, and damage resistant, as you don’t want your customers to receive a broken package!

Selling fashion jewelry online can become easy once you know which direction you are heading and strategize your moves accordingly. Ensuring that you have researched well and have a decent optimized web page will enhance your business further.

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How To Sell Mobile Online: Getting Started With Your Online Business?

Are you one of those “excited entrepreneurs” who want to sell phones or mobile online, but have no clue about where to start? Then, this blog is for you. Today, we all are glued to our smartphones. With the ever-increasing number of smartphones available in every price range, this market is surely here to stay for long. There is a huge demand for mobile phones at affordable prices. Mobile accessories are the latest fashion statement, with everyone wants to be different, yet stylish by carrying unique accessories. Therefore, selling mobile and its accessories online is surely a winning business proposal to venture into ecommerce.

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