Use the Best Social Media to Boost Your Own Site

Irrespective of how much people deny this, the fact remains that Facebook is the current ruler in terms of social media and marketing. And since you are not competing with it to design a better social networking brand, stop fighting this fact. Now, that you have accepted this without tarrying, let’s get you started on utilizing Facebook for making profit. Or basically just popularizing yourself via one of the visibly most accessed places for people worldwide. It is the smart option and if you intend to win, then you gotta know the tricks of the trade. And frankly being active on Facebook to keep your prospective customers tuned to your site seems to be the easy way out! So buck up, if you wish to drive traffic to your work then you have to work on your social networking skills very well. But all that is great and everything but what is more important that you know how to do it properly. Anyone could know what to do but how to do it comes as a challenge. So lets concentrate on how to get through Facebook and actually make some sales with the right amount of promotions.


1.   A picture speaks a thousand words

When you surf on the pages you have liked on Facebook, you have this habit of reading and viewing the .gifs on the page. But when it comes to text you avoid it for every reason possible. And that is even when the photos have text scribbled all over them. Yea, you can read that text but not the text that is without any images at all. Its like being in class 5, you know. That age when you can read, you will benefit from reading. But the effort is just too much to invest into. So you turn the pages and review the book’s pictures instead. And gather the story and author’s point of view via these images itself.


Which is exactly what we need to implement in case of our Facebook pages too. Whatever you have to say to people or bring to their attention it is important that you do so via posting images with it too. images always get higher engagement from people and are not often ignored. Make them attractive and full of life. They should scream “This is absolutely stunning. Experience it!’ instead of “Yeah, it exists, but not worth your glance at all”. So try to work on your images and make them the backbone of your business online. Give them apt text sprawled over them and grab attention like you mean it!


2.   Opinions matter

Opinions matter? No one cares about that really. See. No one one cares about not caring either. Its just that way, no problem. People like to give out their views on every possible topic available. Why else do you think companies like Twitter and facebook are able too draw big fat paychecks at all? Its because people want to post what they feel at all points of time. So ignite this spark that breathes within people anyway.

Get people to start on opinion polls that you begin on your page. It could be as simple as “Pink or Black” or something as complicated as “Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi” (although the latter is a little controversial and should not be implemented at all, as you are a brand not a media magazine!) anything that gets people to speak up and interact with you. Once they feel attached to you they are sure to keep tabs on you and buy with you too.


3.   Run Giveaways and Contests that promise wins

People just adore it when they get discounts or they manage to strike a deal on anything at all. And so what is a better way to attract people to your store than offering them a 20% off on shoes if they like your page? And why should you stop there? There are a billion deals you could strike with prospective customers if you just try hard enough. Now, so many deals might look like you are going to go bankrupt, but seriously that is not how its going to be. When the buying within the people gets all too large, their payments cover up what little you mught have lost by offering them on those deals. Frankly, the fact is that deals are the best way to promote your work.


And don’t just give away all that you have to offer. That will make you look appear too desparate for customers and such brands are generally ignored by people. Instead engage your audience and then give them something after they win etc. Put on games that upon scoring more could entitle people to gift packages and good deals. Also you could ask people to subscribe to small contests like “best profile picture” or something like that. The winner could be promised a gift voucher.

See the basic purpose of these interactions is to well, interact. People newwd to develop an interest in your store so that they may buy frm it later on. If doing all this increases your number of consumers, then keep it going! Because you are then doing it right.


4.   Offer valid till a period of time

Make sure whatever you do you put a time limit to it. The time sensitivity puts forth a sort of bondage for your buyers. Because they have the voucher, they find it stupid not to avail it.a dn once they find there is a limit to availing it they don’t want to lose out on that limit and hence will stop delaying the buying and just go ahead and shop. Just make sure the time gap is big enough for givng people enough flexibility to make their purchase in the right time.


When you put an expiration, people feel the need to buy as soon as possible without whiling away much time on contemplating the purchase. Another way to do the trick is by putting a minimum purchase limit with the offer you put forth. This gives fans a nice incentive but also makes sure that you don’t end up on the losing side just so that you can win their attention.


5.   Free Shipping

However much you might try, this point still remains a great promise to be made. Even via Facebook publicize it as much as you can. People wrap it up more than you can imagine. Its like they are killing for free shipping. Since Facebook is the one place you get large hordes of people, it would be safe to say that people will advertise the free shopping themselves once you give them that option at all.


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5 Expert Tips for Email Marketing: Get it Right in Their Sight

With social media comes a new era that is all about being up to date. There are so many things to follow and yet even more to like. You need to pin stuff, instagram everything around you, read about celebrities’ lunch: so much to do. But when people are busy catching up on “What’s trending?” there is a huge gap that remains unfilled with the growing virtual network. The exploring is more, while discovering is less. Which means; people don’t really believe in finding good stuff on their own anymore. They would rather go with what is in front of them than risk the road less taken. After all the road less taken is assumedly less taken due to other people not liking it. So why should I try, right? But of course the new people without many advertisers suffer because of this pre-conceived notion. They remain unexplored merely because nobody tries them at all.

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14 Ways to Use Instagram to Drive eCommerce Sales

Instagram just hit 150 million users and is becoming a social platform that is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Instagram, the photo sharing social media website, isn’t just for sharing your pretty day to day photos with friends and family. In fact, for some clever businessmen it’s become a free marketing platform. The key, they say, is to build a following that wants to see you, whether you are selling something or not. If you want you and your products to get heard and seen in front of your desired target audience, Instagram is the thing for you as it is an excellent platform for engaging customers and retaining them. Competition in the market which is already an oversaturated one is hard and simply setting up a flashy e-commerce site is not good enough to draw the sales you want. Using strategies involving social media to promote your online store and turning your e-commerce site into something more than just a place to buy products actually helps boost sales. Instagram is a powerfull tool. It allows you to connect directly with current and future potential customers, developing a relationship that leads ultimately to sales, as consumers tend to shop with retailers they feel like they can relate to. Instagram allows you to build that kind of relationship with your customer.

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How to Write Great Content for your Ecommerce Site

Get Your Content User-Ready!

Once upon a time when selling and shopping was done hand to hand and personally, everything was very different. The stores that sold most were the ones that employed the smartest and most creative salesmen and saleswomen. People could relate more to the good representatives of the stores and hence preferred shopping where the shopping was made easy by well rehearsed, prepared salesmen. Now of course, e-commerce is the shopping mall and if you want to purchase groceries, you are more likely to be on the internet than the store-next-door. But even though the medium has changed, the process remains similar. People still perceive the products on face value and make purchases on the basis of what they like.

A big part of your store’s success is dependent on targeted traffic. So imagine potential customers scrolling your online shopping store looking for what they want to buy. They will check the pictures and the content of the products they wish to purchase. Content management might not seem a topic worth discussing but somehow it is what brings audience to your store. Bear in mind that many people will come to your site for information to research a potential purchase. If you can provide all the information they need about your products but also entertain and add value they didn’t expect, you’re much more likely to convert visitors to buyers. If you really wish to get properly aimed viewers to buy from you, maybe its time to give a second thought to the content that you write for your site.


1. Understand what needs to be done

First you require to realize that ‘content’ doesn’t just cover write ups that talk about how great you are or what you provide. It is not just blog posts, flowery text in your site and YouTube videos. It covers pretty much everything on your store, including links to other sites and user reviews.

You are in control of all those aspects of your store and therefore you can control how visitors perceive you and what they say about it on social media and elsewhere too.


Product Descriptions

Adding detailed, useful product descriptions should be the first step of your content strategy. Do not just use the manufacturer’s description. That is going to make you the most boring site in the universe. And people don’t like sites that do not put effort in thir work. If you just state facts and not beautify and enhance your content quality (because you are so lazy), you are the only loser. Provide at least a few sentences and make sure you put effort and care and attention into making it as good as possible – a great product description could be enough to tip the balance that turns an unconvinced browser into an ‘I must have this’ buyer.


User Reviews

User reviews are a brilliant way of generating a large quantity of unique content on your store. User reviews are “the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging, with 70 percent of global consumers surveyed online indicating they trust messages on this platform, an increase of 15 percent in four years.” Yes, you are not creating this content yourself but it is part of your site. And it is possible that people read it more voraciously than your product descriptions. Because there is something very genuine about people’s views that is worth trusting by people.

It’s important therefore to make it easy for customers to leave reviews on all of your product pages and to encourage them to leave a message after the purchase has been made. You can surely enhance your ratings if you nail this part right.


2. Quality determines who you are

When I say the content should be written well, you have to understand I am asking you to “write well”. Not boast or brag but come up with such stuff for your site that brings you good amount of sales. Web visitors want useful information about your products, not a sales pitch. Make sure your content is relevant, consistent in terms of tone and of a professional quality which symbolizes your image in the business field.

Pushing products too hard could be seen as a sense of desperation so don’t do that either. The casual browser expects a technically and literally enriching experience when he views what he is going to buy. So it should give a charming vibe which says that you will be a good choice and purchasing from you is the best option at hand. Also while you are at it, people don’t like all text and no facts either. You are expected to include information such as prices and product benefits, so try to find a good balance between the two.

Think form a user’s perspective. Keep users’ needs in mind and you can’t go wrong. They want to know why you are the best. Why your products work and exist perfectly and why going with you can never be wrong.



3. Presentation Matters

The competition is way too highly spread today. Specially in a field like e-commerce, there are uncountable number of stores all trying to grab users’ attention and making promises that just cannot be refused. What do you have to offer that puts you ahead of the herd? What if you too put up the same stuff on the web as every second site?

Now everybody, undoubtedly, more or less have the same products to sell in their stores. So how do you stand out? You can’t surely give away free stuff or do something that endangers your profits. So presentation is what will make all the difference here. If you can add personality or present product information in an entertaining way, you will stand head and shoulders above everyone else who are merely putting out mediocre content. You might not realize this, but buyers always prefer dealing with people with businesses rather than businesses with people. So bring up your reputation so that you are worthy of attracting more potential customers.



4. Make Sure It’s Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is the vanilla flavor of the ecommerce ice cream industry. Everybody just loves it! Okay this might sound like a cheesy comparison, but believe me, SEO is the one thing that every seller wants in his favor.  After all not everyone is eBay and fame does not come by all that easily in e-commerce. So your enterprise remains insanely unknown until people “stumble” by your site. And you can’t really fall back on luck for business to prosper. So always make sure that you do a keyword research when you are beginning to write. Once you know what keywords you want to rank for, it makes planning content much easier and your customers will feel that you are speaking directly to them, increasing engagement and trust.


5. Make Sure It’s Shareable

Shareable content means not only that people will want to share it with their friends and social media followers, but also that it is presented in a format that is shareable.

Videos and detailed how-to blog posts are great for this, as are special discounts. A good rule of thumb is to create content that visitors feel good about sharing as it makes them look good to others.


How to Write Great Content for your eCommerce Site

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Google Places 101: Create your first listing

In the age of crazy evolution in the technology world, the brick and mortar stores are generally the biggest losers. Apart from the fact that they get replaced by easy accessible online stores, they are sure to find a sure drop in their audience. The regulars find easier substitutes and new customers are hardly able to find these existing enterprises. And if people can’t look you up or find you; you basically fade from people’s memory. We won’t want that, would we now? To combat this situation where practical stores are losing their identity and existence; Google Places is the savior. People always “google” stuff now, there is no asking or filing queries or maps or referring to sources. It is all about searching on the net because the internet always has answers. That is a fact we need to turn in our favor. If someone is looking for a business spot, you would want to pt your name on the list that everyone accesses. The Google Places promises that list and you should utilize it efficiently.

With growing love for search engine optimization businessmen are progressively taking advantage of this potential traffic with Google Places. In this post we’ll look at how to create your free Google Places listing so your business can start getting more visitors both in-store and online.

What is Google Places for Business?

Technically, Google Places for Business allows any local business to create your virtual identity for search engines to access when people look you up. It displays store information like contact details (including a link to your website), a map, photos, hours, videos, coupons, reviews and more. Basically like a page that says all about you that anyone might be interested in. Not only these boring information stats, but it also takes up any special offers you might have and displays them when people venture in your business online. Your store’s listing and information is then shown in response to relevant queries, potentially reaching tens of thousands of prospective customers if optimized correctly. It’s like an advising page (for prospective customers cum net surfers) that glorifies your business for the world.

Getting Started with Google Places for Business

The first thing to know is that Google may already have a listing for your business. Don’t be so surprised! The search engine gets information from different sources to construct its millions of Places pages. In case you’re not in them, well don’t get so sad because you can create a new business listing. In either case the process is more or less the same.

Know where to go

Since it is Google Places, you can log in using existing Google account credentials (like your Gmail or AdWords accounts). Just know this that the google account you use will now be associated with your business. So better be careful with what id you want out there to represent your business.

You’ll be asked to lookup your business via phone number. Verify your business and then move to the next detailing part. In case you access your business page the next time, you should see a page which says: Businesses currently associated with your account. You can continue from there now.

Who am I?

Now there are two possibilities. Either Google already has information about your store or it doesn’t.  If you exist in the database, simply edit your details and make sure they are accurate.

If Google cannot find any information about your business, you’ll have the option to click “Add new listing”. Be specific in whatever you write in the details, since they will be your message to anyone who is interested in your business. Don’t be over imaginative and just give in the basic information about your store, its location, and how to find it online. See, simple as that!

Google Places also gives you the option to register more than one businesses. Just click the “Add new business” link. This will again open the phone number lookup page. After which the procedure is basically the same. You will have to enter your country and your business phone number, and Google will check to see if it already has information about your business and so on.

Whether you’re updating existing Places information or entering it for the first time, you’ll also have an opportunity to categorize your business, input hours of operation, describe payment options, add photographs of your storefront, products, or employees, include video, and more. Use these optios judiciously because it is stuff like this that people pay attention to when they come across your business. And you must gain whenever and wherever you can!

Google takes no jokes.

Okay so you registered and everything, but how do you prove your genuineness to Google Places? There are actually three ways to verify that you are, in fact, a person authorized to update or add business information. You can receive a verification code via automated phone call, as a text (SMS) message, or in the form of a postcard sent to the business address (the last option doesn’t make much sense but play along, shall we).

Once your listing has been verified, it may still take a little while for your Google Places for Business listing to show up in search results, but its still better than the zero publicity you had before Google Places! So be happy and get it rolling with Google Places!

Google Business Listing

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