5 Wacky D-I-Y Applications to Market your Products on Facebook

Creating your e-store is the first step in starting your business online. It is a rather tedious task, but not as tiresome as making your business a success. The preparation of your venture will look like child’s play once you get to the part where you have to market your work. Your enterprise is nothing without customers. And customers do not land from a submarine and start following your enterprise out of the blue. They have to be earned. And that is done through right marketing, so that your business is visible to them. But I guess you already know this.

So to get to the real question you want answered: How to Market? And not just any random marketing techniques but we will talk about marketing on a channel with a user base of over half a billion people. The title kind of gave it away, didn’t it?  Facebook is the new newspaper. Anything you want to know about something or someone is right there, and everyone is there too. So why miss the opportunity to tap into such a gargantuan audience? And that too when this advertising is for free?

Facebook offers a multitude of viral channels to creatively reach potential customers. A comprehensive understanding of the throng of marketing networks available to us as advertisers is a must.

Facebook profile

This is the most basic level of establishing your identity on Facebook. By creating your profile you are basically declaring yourself and this is where you start in positioning your business. You now directly represent your company and a profile lets you interact privately with people. It is like dealing directly with the customer, providing them a face they can trust.

Not only is this process used to gain trust of the users but you can exclusively express your passion for the brand, company, or product you want to promote. Your profile page is an opportunity to craft a credible real-world story around the reasons your products or services are so valuable. Tell bits and pieces of your narrative about yourself as it relates to your brand. Take advantage of Personal Info, Work Info, Photos, and applications. If you’re not buying your own stuff, why should anyone else?


Also add people to your circles. Only when you have friends who can access your account can you expect any sort of advertising. So continue adding new people to your circles as that is surely the only way you can expect to get more prospective buyers. By connecting to hundreds of partners, customers, associates, and friends on Facebook, you’ll drive a ton of traffic to your profile page. But don’t overdo that too. Adding more than 25 people in one day will just get your profile blocked.

 Fan Pages

Pages that you can create regarding any celebrity, idea, enterprise; just about anything that wants to establish a point, create a niche and propagate one idea among the people. It’s like a profile for your work, except you are no representative. Instead pages establish your brand presence on Facebook. When you begin, you will be given a choice of three options. You will be asked whether your page is about:

  • A Local Business
  • A Brand or a Product
  • An Artist, Band or a Public Figure


You cannot edit your page type once you select it, and also remember that the page type that you select will categorize your page with other like pages in that category; this is why you want to make sure you select the correct category to be displayed in.

So, which are you? Good question. This depends on what you want to promote. Do you want to promote your business locally, do you want to focus on your brand or a product or are you working to establish your name as an artist, band or public figure? A local business would be the ideal choice since we are trying to expand as an establishment, though if your work focuses on some particular brand go for the other one. The third one not being more of a business-affiliated choice anyways.

Current customers or even potential customers can become fans of your page and by doing so this allows them to follow you and receive any updates that you post to your page.

Facebook Groups

Unlike fan pages where you create a front for your store, groups are rather closed and non-showy deal. They are built around a group of people rather than some business or brand. In a group, you create a central place for customers, partners, and friends to participate in conversations around your brand. Facebook groups come with boards for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links right out of the box. You can also easily send news and updates to your group members as often as you like – messages arrive in their Facebook Inbox. So it feels rather personalized and the reader feels important. The only thing being, to follow the workings of some group one must be a member of the Facebook Group.

Nonetheless, Groups are one of the simplest ways to do viral marketing on Facebook. Once members have joined your group, they can easily invite their friends to join the group via a built-in Invite feature. If your members are excited about your group, it can grow really quickly.

The Messenger

It is surprising how Facebook messenger is a more used and preferred means of communication over texting or emailing. People generally prefer to use the FB messenger to send messages across. Its obviously more convenient; you are always logged on to it, the cost is comparatively less and most importantly it’s a lot less hassle. Unlike emails Facebook messages are a lot less featured. There is no sort, filter, categorize or starred messages. Normal people want to talk through good old English, not through binary code! Just typing, adding attachments, graphics, audio, video and all this regular stuff makes Facebook messaging a better and more convenient option. Plus everyone is here and so no problem about the connecting part.

For the case of guerrilla marketing, Facebook messages are very effective because you can message people you don’t know. So even though you can’t access the full profile page of most Facebook users, Facebook allows you to send messages to users you have no connection with. So you can send personal messages to potential customers with ease. However, Facebook has invested heavily in message spam prevention. So be careful! If you use your Facebook account to message users you have no connection with in large numbers, Facebook’s automated systems will shut down your account.

So act wisely and win accordingly.

Facebook Shares

You get to like, comment or share a thing. So obviously sharing is another way to engross people on some topic you want them to read or know about. Sharing something is quite like messaging and liking at the same time, but still quite new. When you share an item, it appears on the newsfeed for all your friends. So it’s just another way to publicize your opinions and actions. It lets you promote any Group, Event, Photo, Link, or Application you come across.

By posting it on your profile page, you can direct some clicks to the shared item. However, while this is an effective promotional tactic, it’s not as targeted as sending it directly to friends’ Inboxes. Those messages are more likely to convert into valuable clicks.

Market your Products on Facebook

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