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Social Media Is Your New Market To Explore

Ecommerce and social media are one of the top trending terms on Google and Twitter lately. The Ecommerce industry or rather a movement is driving the conventional brick and mortar shops to take it to the online space. Social media is bringing newer audiences to the online space and enabling them to visualize the online space in a different way than imagined.

Many Ecommerce websites today rely on effective social marketing for advertising their products and bringing them to customers’ notice. By utilizing the online space offered by social media platforms, Ecommerce platforms have been able to introduce an array of products to the to the customers in a way that most SKUs that are recently launched are brought into notice. As a result, sales for such products ought to increase significantly.

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. “Amy Jo Martin 

Do you know that social channels were responsible for only 1.55 per cent of all the traffic to major Ecommerce websites?

More importantly, Social media is seen as a platform for advertising of products and services. Until now, the rates of conversion and actual sales out of such social media platforms was quite small. However, as Ecommerce industry continues to grow and develop, social media is bound to play a heroic role in enhancing the overall success rate of advertising efforts.

The dawn of change in social media

As ecommerce evolves in every sphere, newer brands and products find their way to the online shelves. In fact, there is a host of goods that people had no idea about for a long time now. Surprisingly, even those products are catching the public eye now and creating demand for them.

Social media is at its peak right now. Everyday, social media platforms like Facebook are adding a significant number of users to their member’s list, and more than 50 percent of these users use Facebook on a daily basis. Most big brands are also taking up the online space, recognising the need for quick and seamless transactions. As a result of these developments, one can easily decipher that social media is indeed meant to play greater roles than now – enhancing the way people use and purchase Ecommerce products. We see all this happening around us daily – most brands and Ecommerce platforms are actively leveraging social media for their advertising needs and sales.

What are the different forms of market places that make up the social media for a customer?

Did you know many forms of marketplaces exist in the current Ecommerce environment? Customers are actively taking to these platforms to increasing their transaction channels. The online marketplace can manifest itself into peer to peer marketplaces – group buying platforms, peer recommendations, user-curated shopping, participatory commerce, social network-driven sales, social commerce and much more.

In many ways, online Ecommerce has been closely associated with social media in a broader and rather indispensable manner, making it a necessary practice for advertising. Now, most social media platforms such as Facebook are offering direct buy options, right form their webpage. Facebook can drive curated ads to their audience, making it almost unlikely for users to avoid looking at those ads.

These social media platforms are the perfect place to fetch product feedback. Even before a customer lands on an Ecommerce web page to explore pricing or evaluate products, he gets immediate access to the opinions of the users.

How’s that so? Yes, social media forums

So, in a way, social media enable users to contribute and even learn for themselves about the utility of several products. Some of the best Ecommerce platforms in India have a dedicated question and answer display and comments section. The users can simply leave their experiences behind. Similarly, most shopping sites in India have a form attached to capture user feedback. Online selling websites rely to a great extent on user feedback to demonstrate the utility of a product to their customers who can be potential buyers.

Social media has been responsible not just for spreading buzz on recent happenings but also for bringing forth new launches through ad campaigns. It is rightly said that when you are not paying for a service, exploit it. Some of the best Ecommerce websites in India capitalise on this very concept.

As of now, Ecommerce websites rely on various tools and marketing campaigns to bring their products into notice. However, slowly, as the product range offered becomes familiar among the audience, they will need to give their audience a reason to buy those products, whose novelty would’ve also become stale. Here is where social media takes on. It is meant to remind the users why they need a particular product – through interactive GIFs, Videos, Poll questions, Blog Posts, Visuals, and Live Podcasts (Facebook/Instagram Live). As a result, in the coming days, the use of social media is only going to grow for the fact that it acts as a critic cum deal breaker.

Do you know?

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