Do Keywords Actually Matter When It Comes To Search Engine Optimization?

We have all heard a lot of praises and hails about the whole keyword melodrama in the dictionary of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research takes a front seat, every time a Search Engine Optimization analyst has to come up with keyword rich content. The job of a Search Engine Optimization expert is inherently connected with ample keyword research. What we typically see most Search Engine Optimization experts doing on an everyday basis, when it comes to working in an SEO environment is making a list of relevant topics to the content and then skipping over to jotting down relevant keywords in relation that topic.

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The technicals of the Google Hummingbird & its analysis

When it comes to employing Search Engine Optimisation algorithms to ongoing content on the web, it comes out as an overall complicated picture. By now, every Search Engine Optimisation expert is aware of Google’s ranking factors, which far more than two hundred in number. Nothing is ever going to come out from Google’s vaults, in terms of information that describes how this ranking is done but that’s what the task of Search Engine Optimisation people is.

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How to take your Facebook video campaign to the next level?

As we all are aware of Facebook and its reach, one can use it as an effective communicating medium for attracting customers across the globe. There is no hidden truth that effective video ad campaigns on the social networking site will not only promote your brand but also give you an edge over other competitors. Let’s take a look at necessary guidelines that will help you take your Facebook video campaign to the next level.

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10 methods for making your blog appear visually attractive & interesting

Are you currently running a blog? Is it getting hard for you to gain added response or traffic which you think you deserve? If yes, then you need to spot the loopholes in your blog which are making it incapable to pull the attention of your readers. When it comes to blogging, generally most of the bloggers think that the prime way to grasp the attention of their targeted audience is through the creation of nice posts.

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How to Create Successful Ads on Social Media?

It is a known fact that organic promotions alone on social media is not the key to successful branding. Each social media platform has their own advertising network which helps in boosting the reach of your social media page or posts. But you can’t leverage the same tricks for all the platforms as the ads work differently on them and the methods of creating successful ads differ too. However, a few things stand common for all the social media platforms. If you adhere by these, you will be successful in creating ads that convert on top notch platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

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