8 Simple Tips To Promote Your Brand On Youtube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can stream, post videos for free, and make good money out of it. It is no more just an entertainment hub but also a good promotional channel. Various marketers now prefer to promote their company’s products or services on YouTube as the vast majority of internet users are engaged on the platform. All you need is a good marketing plan to create brand awareness on YouTube and boost your sales. Here are 8 amazingly simple tips to promote your brand effectively on YouTube.

Collaborate with a Known YouTuber

There is no doubt that YouTube is a great place to promote your products or services, and the best way to market your brand on YouTube is to collaborate with a well-established YouTuber. Your brand will be easily recognized if promoted by a known YouTube star through their videos as it may have a high number of subscribers. The major benefit of collaborating is that viewers watching their favorite YouTuber promoting your products or services easily establish a trust for your brand as the viewer feels that the YouTuber himself uses the company’s offerings. YouTubers may charge their price depending on their popularity but it’s a short-term investment with assured long term benefits.

Paid Advertisement

The most common way to promote your brand is through paid advertisement. A good YouTube ad will help your company get recognized not only within national boundaries but also in the international market because YouTube is a global platform. The three things you should take care of when promoting your brand through YouTube ads are targeting method, ad format, and the type of video. YouTube ads can be comparatively expensive so make sure you make full use of them.

Sponsor YouTube Shows

In this fast pacing world, not everyone has time to stick to the couch and watch a full 1-hour episode of favorite TV shows. To provide best of entertainment, many YouTube channel have come up with mini-series that are on an average 20 minutes long and comprise of 5-7 episodes. Sponsoring your brand at any of these mini YouTube web series whose stories indirectly showcases your products could prove to be beneficial for your company in the long run. These web series majorly attract the young crowd who are easy to influence and could possibly lead to sales. If you are new to the market, the effective way to promote your brand is through sponsorship which will definitely help in establishing brand identity.

Unique Marketing Strategy

Any business needs a good marketing plan that can withstand a competitive market and maintain its position in the respective industry. Promoting your brand on YouTube will not only creates a brand identity but also boosts your sales. But it requires an effective marketing plan that will reach the masses. Content marketing strategy is one such effective Marketing plan that aims to produce content for people. Though content marketing is a bit difficult to evaluate but once understood, it can be very helpful to attract customers. A marketer should see to it that the content is designed in such a way that it convinces the customers to prefer their products over their competitors. A unique marketing strategy will help create a distinct brand identity in the minds of customers.

Be Aware of Current and Upcoming Trends

It is very important for a marketer to stay in touch with today’s youth through social media as they play a vital role in the company’s growth. Youth populations are the biggest influencers and a major contributor to every company’s profit share. So it is necessary for a company to be aware of the current and upcoming trends with the help of which the company can present their products accordingly and attract the minds of teenagers as well as adults. The use of hashtag “#” has seen a rapid increase in recent times and youths find it interesting to use “#” in every activity they carry out on social media. You can use “#” followed by a catchy phrase to pull customers towards your products and to create brand awareness.

Showcasing Your Product Benefits

A good video can easily explain what words cannot. If your company is launching a new line of products or services, then it is ideal to explain their benefits and uses through a YouTube video. Many electronic companies also hire a known YouTuber to review their gadgets and explain the usefulness of the product. These YouTubers also compare two competitive products and evaluate the features and specifications of both the products. With the help of product reviews, a person may find it easy to make a purchasing decision.

Creating Viral Titles

When promoting your brand on YouTube, the title of the video plays a very important role in attracting the attention of people. A person surfing on YouTube tends to click on the video with a catchy title. The chances of trending #1 on YouTube becomes high when you post the video that has an attractive title with some awesome content. The more the number of clicks the better are chances of trending on YouTube. A unique title could also lead to the video going viral on various social media platforms thus creating brand awareness.

Add an Emotional Touch

No matter how mentally strong a person is, they always have an emotional side. Emotions may either make a person helpless or force them to think twice. It easily connects with a person’s mind and unveils their softer side. Promoting your brand with an emotional message on YouTube will help create a good identity in people’s mind. Also, it will show that the company cares about their customer and respects their emotions. It helps to create a strong bond between the customer and the brand.

Final Say

YouTube can help you grow your company in no time if used effectively. With the help of these 8 promotional tips, you can succeed in promoting your brand on YouTube. So, start preparing your marketing plan for YouTube and see your company achieve new highs.

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In the past few years, there has been a huge growth in the content marketing space due to the upsurge in the usage of social media and blogs. Although many are of the opinion that SEO has lost its charm and doesn’t significantly impact a business, it is far from the truth. Google is seeing more number of searches than ever and this number shall always increase. Businesses, with the right techniques, are quite successful in generating leads from search engines and this is possible only by doing effective SEO with a strategic content marketing.

Below are a few tips and tricks for you to grow your website’s search engine ranking and boosting your content marketing strategies by doing what matters.

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10 gmail plugins every marketer should use

10 Gmail Plugins That Every Marketing Professional Should Use!

When an email came out for the first time, we loved it every time we received a new message. And now? We get hundreds of emails per day and it is not quite special anymore. While the email’s entertainment value has declined significantly, the role that email plays in business has remained intact. Of all the available email options out there, the popularity of Gmail is right at the top. It is a free email service and is indeed one of the most popular email services on the web.

But there’s one thing that you need to know, using just Gmail isn’t enough! In order to achieve great results in your business, it is important that you use Gmail in the right manner.


It may be surprising to know that being interrupted by email costs the average worker an hour of lost time on everyday basis. Just give it a thought, how much extra work could have been done in that extra hour? One unavoidable fact about the problem is that we tend to develop bad habits over the years. As per the recent survey, a typical employee checks their email at a startling 36 times per hour. They even send and receive some 105 emails on daily basis. It is quite certain that you’ll all agree that this level of distraction is certainly not conducive to productivity. It is absolutely inevitable that you lose emails and forget to focus on the important things.

Aren’t the managers supposed to be pretty good at it? Well, their job is to manage things, No? But the matter of the fact is that even they can’t manage their inboxes well. It has been noted that about 59% of middle managers tend to miss at least one important piece of information from every email received. Sometimes, they just don’t see it in the first place.

As marketers, we daily come across people who have these habits. Wait, aren’t we also guilty of having these bad habits? This is why we have come up with 10 Gmail Plugins that will help you turn your Gmail Inbox into a machine where all the junk is eliminated and valuable emails are acted upon immediately. We have handpicked 10 of the best Gmail Plugins that will help you clean up your inbox and actually keep it clean. It will certainly help you accentuate your email productivity.

Streamline and automate sending emails

There are two things that will grow as you become more successful – One is your income and the other is your emails. Not only will you receive more emails but you’ll also send more emails, of course out of sheer necessity. Employees, readers, your friends and partners, all of them need your attention. In case you aren’t careful, you’ll end up spending half your day checking or writing emails. Luckily, there are some great Gmail plugins that will help in clearing out your inbox faster without missing out on anything important.

1. Boomerang

Boomerang can be used to schedule emails. It will remind you to send an email at a particular time. This plugin definitely solves all sorts of problems for the content marketers. Do you ever feel that you should revert back to an email but not right away? If yes, Boomerang is what you need. It lets you schedule when your email needs to go out to the recipient. So, once you send an email, you’ll not have to worry about remembering to do it later. More so, it won’t clutter up your inbox. Another significant reason for using this scheduling feature is for the link outreach campaigns. Isn’t it obvious that if you email someone at 2 AM your email will be buried under the rest of someone’s morning emails? This is particularly necessary when you are sending an email to someone you don’t know very well because chances of a reply are already too less. So, schedule your email to be sent during the window of 8 AM to 5 PM. This will prevent your emails from being forgotten and buried. Moreover, the chances of them being read are amplified. Besides this, the plugin has a couple of other features too. There may be times when you can’t respond to an email right away even if you wish to. So, if someone sends you an email asking for an update at the start of the day, you can easily boomerang the email. With that, the email will disappear from your mailbox. It will then show up later as stated and will be marked unread.



2. Clientele.io

Clientele.io is an important plugin that was created for the marketers who wish to maximize their follow-up response rates for emails. In case you are dealing with busy clients yet need their feedback or approval, you can expect to wait long for them to reply back to you. So, what this plugin does is that it tracks the results of your normal email activity. Further, over time, it determines which are the best times to send an email to a certain person. Because the agenda of emails is not just to have them opened but also to have them replied back. You know what happens is that people want to reply back to you but your email tends to be bogged down by piles of email that the recipient completely forgets about the mail you sent. With this plugin, you can not only send the first email at the optimal time but also a time a follow-up email.


3. Follow up CC


Sometimes, you may wish to follow up with a client but you forget about it. However, when you have the Follow-up CC plugin, you get a choice to set a follow-up date when you are sending or replying to a particular email. In case, you haven’t heard back from the recipient, you’ll receive a new email in that thread which will remind you to follow up. Besides this, there’s more to this plugin. When you send emails using this plugin, you have the option of tracking who is looking at your email. This can be especially helpful when you are making a sale. Please know that only 2% of the sales actually happen on the first move. Rest 80% of it come post the 5th contact. So, even if you aren’t directly involved in the sales process, you happen to use the email to develop a relationship with your clients or customers. In case you never follow up, there is a chance that you have lost a lot of business and of course the profit because your emails were forgotten or buried. Given the fact that it takes too little to send a follow-up, the results are definitely going to be fruitful.

4. Yet Another Mail Merge

Over the years, mail merge has fallen out of fashion. However, in certain situations, these are still handy. For those of you not familiar with the term, Mail merge allows you to input contact information such as email addresses, name and everything else that you may want in your spreadsheet. Using this, you can send an email to all the addresses at one time, complete with personalization.


5. Wise Stamp

You need to have a signature that always stands out. Having a good email signature is a great opportunity for personal branding. It is one chance for you to stand out while communicating without having to take that extra effort. This is especially helpful if you believe in sending precise replies as a good signature saves you from the risk of coming across as rude. Using Wise Stamp, you can create a custom signature for your emails. It helps you include a picture, phone number, links to your social profiles and any message that you want. After all, the sky is the limit.

6. Yesware

With Yesware you can track all the future actions that your recipient takes with your email. All you have to do is send an email and check the box saying ‘Track’ at the bottom. Yesware gives you two ways to view the results of your tracking. There’s a compact collapsible panel right above your inbox that can be used by you to view the most recent data from your email. You can even dig into the detailed reports on the Yesware website. In the detailed data of the Yesware, you can analyze the results for all the major metrics like opens, clicks, etc. Moreover, Yesware also helps you create as well as save the email templates. In case you send a couple of similar emails, you can simply create a template and insert it into the next blank email. This feature helps save a lot of time.


7. Bananatag

Bananatag plugin is pretty similar to Yesware. You just need to click on to the tag option towards the bottom of the email and you’ll be able to see when and who is opening your email. The analytics of the plugin are solid allowing you to examine the email open rate over time. Using this, you can improve with a little experimentation. Bananatag has also released a beta tool which allows you to schedule the emails as a result of which you’ll not need any other extra plugin.


8. Tout App

It is a robust plugin that is meant for a team use. This plugin features similar tracking capabilities just as the other plugins of this section. Another feature of the plugin is that it helps you easily save and use the templates that can accelerate any repetitive outreach efforts. However, one thing that you need to know is that Tout App is a paid plugin. Though it comes with a 14-day free trial but there isn’t any free level. This plugin is more for the professional marketers and the teams rather than the ones who are new to the field.


9. Work etc CRM

This is one highly rated CRM plugin for Gmail. It may not be as pretty as its competitors but it performs really well. The plugin is designed for teams and excels in that department. Besides this, it also comes with several built-in features for billing and project management that can prove to be a real asset for the businesses. Moreover, instead of being built into Gmail it syncs with Gmail.


10. Discoverly

One of the biggest competitors of Rapportive was Discoverly. It has several features that are similar to the original Rapportive. The sidebar widget will be displayed on the right-hand side and it comes with links to the displayed contacts profiles on the prominent social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook along with information about connections and their recent activity.

Final Say

These are the 10 most important Gmail Plugins that every marketing professional must consider. You don’t need to install them all but you can at least install a few of them that will put forth a significant difference in the results of your emailing efforts.

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